From Normal to Stylish Gadgets

Who says that your normal everyday gadgets need to be simple and plain.  Wouldn’t it be better to jazz them up a bit and make them a real piece of art?  Here are 2 classic examples.

Steampunk 2GB Copper and Brass Jump Drive with Vintage Gears. Handcrafted 2gb jump drive made with vintage clock cog gearing detail. The jump drive has been carefully wrapped in a custom piece of brass. Added to it was an intricate stack gears gently removed from a vintage clock and watch.

The designer  attempted to capture the details of the gear. Copper piping along the sides and brass bolts make this piece truly unique. He capped the end with antiquated silver clock gears.  The drive is a 2gb and has never been used.  From a simple usb to a very stylish one.  What a great way to stand out in the office.

A mouse is a mouse but not when its a Steampunk mouse. Imagine bringing out your laptop and then your newly re designed steampunk one.  Steampunk has gone beyond the traditional  various modern utilitarian objects have been modded by enthusiasts into a pseudo-Victorian mechanical “steampunk” style.[25][26] Example objects include computer keyboards and electric guitars The goal of such redesigns is to employ appropriate materials (such as polished brass, iron, and wood) with design elements and craftsmanship consistent with the Victorian era.

So go beyond the ordinary, be bold.