Garden Underground Garage – It’s Time To Hide Your Car!

Are you one of those people that is constantly looking after your garden? Are you even overly annoyed by the fact that you have to have a garage for your car right beside it, destroying your beautiful creation? Then I think I have just found the solution for you. It’s not simple, and it’s probably not even close to cheap. However, it will more than put a smile on your face and be the envy of your neighbors. What you will have to do is park your car… under your garden.

The people at Cardok have created the ultimate solution for your parking needs. And if you have a luxury car, you are most likely going to love this little invention. It is an incorporated solution that seamlessly integrates into your garden and makes your morning garage opening an adventure that is no less in experience than a trip from the docks of the ships in Star Wars or Aliens.

The Cardok simply ejects slowly up and out of your garden making your car visible and drivable without it being seen during the time your at home. It’s perfectly concealed and safe, which will probably further enhance your comfortable sleep at night. No more break-ins and no more worries. If you have a couple of bags of money… then this could be a choice to consider!