Geek Inspired Japanese Pens – Toy or Writing Instrument?

I am the type of person who has carried a pencil case for as long as I can remember. I have so many types of writing and drawing instruments that I carry with me everyday. I have different sets of pencils and different sets of pens. I have ball point, the classic sign pen, a calligraphy pen and the cute little pens that I can’t seem to stop hoarding. They are toy like pens that have cute cartoon characters attached on them. Give me a break, I really love them. They make it interesting to jot down notes during meetings.

I admire Japanese artists when it comes to designing and creating Anime type of art/design. They have a way of making things really interesting. While browsing the net, I found some very cool pens that at first I thought were just toys. A closer look revealed that they are inspired by the Anime Gundam comic series. They are priced at $5.80 each. If you like Gundam or simply like to use unique pens, then they are the pens for you. I would love to have one for my collection. Does anyone here want to buy me one? Seriously, if you like unique items visit and check out some of the pens below from the “Gundam Arms Ball Point Pen” series. They are shaped like the high tech weaponry of the Anime itself. It’s an awesome collectors item that comes with stickers and a stand, making it treat to display as well. Each pen measures approximately 15 cm (5.9 inches) in length. This version is a ball point pen that writes in black ink and with a blue Gouf custom design.

Main Image Source – Pens

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