Geek Watches – Which One Is Your Favorite?

If you grew up watching James Bond 007 like I did, I guess you can relate to this article. When I was younger, I often wondered if the gadgets he used on the show would one day be real. Thanks to technology, we now see many of them coming to reality. One of my favorite gadgets that he uses are the watches. They are pretty clever since he can record the enemies every move before they even know what happened.

I love watches. I have so many that I collect. I have a lot from dress watches, to geeky watches, to hi tech watches. I know @Minervity collects watches also since we have had some conversations on Twitter about it. I found some very cool geek watches that I know you will enjoy. They are also available in stock at Think Geek. There is even a Lego Darth Vader watch and a 8GB video watch. For the ultra geek, there is a binary watch that I think is very cool. Now our watches not only tell us the time, but they also allow us to look stylish and smart as well. Some of them even allow us watch videos and spy on people. Do you have a special watch you own? Tell us about it!

Main Image Source – My Watch

Stainless Steel 8GB Video Watch

LEGO Darth Vader Watch

LED Binary Watch

Spy Camera Video Watch