How Did We Get Here – $499 iPhone To The $1000 iPhone [Infographic]

The iPhone is perhaps one of the most influential pieces of technology to be developed since the start of the 21st century. While the smartphone was a promising idea before Apple decided to give it a shot, the execution was never quite spot-on until the tech giant put their own spin on it.

Here we are, over ten years past the release of the original iPhone. This decade of dominance in the smartphone industry was celebrated by Apple through the release of the iPhone X, the tenth generation of the phone released by the company.

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iPhone X Or iPhone Checks

As the most expensive smartphone that has ever been produced by Apple, the iPhone X raises a lot of questions; chief amongst these concerns is Apple’s intentions toward the customer. There are loyal Apple customers who can’t help but look at the iPhone X as a cash-grab for the phone’s 10th birthday.

To Trust Or Not To Trust Appl

There are some who will openly state that Apple engages in anti-consumer behavior, and you would be surprised to learn that they are not all Android users. In all seriousness, however, Apple has even been labeled as anti-consumer by Indian regulators, which brings more attention to the matter.

With the help of an infographic from the folks over at meilleur hebergement web, we are going to be going over just how much Apple makes off of each phone they sell. You may be shocked to learn that Apple doesn’t make as much of a markup on each device as you would expect, or the inverse.

Of course, it is crucial to remember that Apple is a business. When you look at a company from the perspective of a typical person, they will look cutthroat and profit-oriented because that is precisely what they are, and that is a good thing.

Competition would not exist if it were not for the money-motivated nature of tech giants like Apple.

While paying 1000 dollars for a smartphone may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you will at least be able to decide whether or not you buy it. Without competition in the tech field, a corporation could attain a monopoly, and everyone would have no choice but to invest in a phone which is priced exorbitantly.

The Need To See Graphic

So what exactly does Meilleur Hebergeur Web outline for you in the infographic below? Outlined logically, you will find each of Apple’s iPhone generations with the costs of parts compared to the value of the device itself.

Keep in mind that there are more costs associated with the sale of a phone beyond the parts.

While Meilleur Hebergement Web’s infographic covers the approximate construction costs of iPhones, it does not account for Apple’s budget for research and development. The marketing costs that go into the advertising of the new iPhone model are also not considered, as they are insignificant on a per-unit basis.

Apple is rather opaque when it comes to their costs as a company, so it is challenging for an outside observer to tell just how much of a profit they are making on their iPhone models. If Apple’s stock is to be trusted, the iPhone seems like it has succeeded so far.

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iPhone X Apple Too Greedy Infographic