Get these iPhone Accessories on your Christmas List

In my last post about iphone gadgets we showed you some of the hot iphone accessories for Autumn. Now that we are close to Christmas, I want to show you some fun and practical accessories you can still add to your christmas wish list.


Take a look at the über handy multi USB extension iphone charger, Callpod Chargepod. Even thought it is not solely dedicated to only iphones, it usability is fantastic for a multi gadget household.  A bit spendy at $36, buy it here.

Picture 3

Want a new look for your iphone? Change out the case. For less than $30 you can get a whole new look. I love the utlra sexy ‘Cameleon’ case by Its a hard-shell case with beautiful texture, available in 11 colors. Plus its an open face case, so it protects the edges but still allows you to quickly access your screen with out fumbling to open a case. $23.99 here.


Gotta love this new iphone car charger by Sirius – The XM SkyDock. It mounts to your cigarette lighter, comes with a built in fm turner, controlled by a app found at your trusty app store. The app itself has several cool features, including artist tags, stock and sports ticker, game alerts and more. GPS navigation just got that much simpler. Rotate your phone to landscape mode for easy viewing. Prices vary from  $80-120 found it here for $79


@arnteriksen this one is for you and your Ducati. Bike lover g33ks love this ibike case that mounts to your wrist. It comes with an optional headset/microphone that attaches to your helmet, although some countries have laws about talking on the phone while driving on the bike. Waterproof and easy to view the screen, pick it up for $57+ here.


A big thank you to @fjfonseca for recommending one of the best speaker docks out there ‘On Stage’, made by the reliable people at JBL. This particular cutie is lightweight and portable enough to easily move it from your office desk to your bedroom nightstand. Not only will it charge as you listen to your fantastic Santana collection, it will also let you experience ‘speaker phone’ like never before. Several models are available, ranging from  $149-$250. Browse here.