Gift A Stranger: Hi Tech Random Acts of Kindness

Everyone loves to do and receive random acts of kindness, right? At least most people I know do. I’ve always been a fan of this, and I try to do things in my daily life to bring that extra sunshine to others. For example, it’s always fun to pay for the car behind me at the tollbooth on Georgia 400 in Atlanta.

On Twitter, a very affectionate community (in my opinion), random acts of kindness are very popular. You can go to Twitter Search and put in the hashtag #RAOK to see all the love being spread between strangers. One of my most beloved Twitter friends, @Iconic88, sends #RAOK tweets daily, and I always look forward to seeing them.

Thanks to Google Maps, the new online app called Gift a Stranger will allow us to send a RAOK to a complete stranger anywhere in the whole world. The process is simple. You just go to Gift a Stranger, you type in your first name, the city/country you live in, and the gift (including a jpeg) you would like to send.

You can send anything! All you need is a picture (jpeg) of whatever you want to send!

Then, click on “Find Address” and it will randomly find the address of someone in the world that you can send that gift to. If you prefer a different place than what it suggests, you can do another search, over and over, until you find an address that gives you the warm and fuzzies.

I did this today. I sent a basket of daisies to a person in Australia. When it gave me the address, there was a message that said, “This is the person you’ll make happy.” Oh my gosh, how cute is that? I’m now listed on the map on the website in Atlanta. You can see the people from all over the world who have sent their own RAOK. I just love this! You can check it out for yourself at Gift A Stranger.

Via: [Red Ferret]