Google OS vs Windows, a fair fight?

Leave it to Google to teach us how to rethink for the future. The way we use our computers is changing quickly and frequently. Now imagine your computer that runs a totally different operating system, one that utilizes ‘cloud computing,’ drawing resources, applications and data from web services vs internal software. Wa..wa..what you say? Exactly, Google Chrome OS is a linux-based open source OS revolving around the Chrome browser. All of your applications will run via the Chrome browser utilizing flash memory and web bases storage for saving your data. No more hard drive crashes, lost documents and computer viruses. Concerned about online security? So is Google, they will keep a close watch over their code, to prevent any compromises to their web apps.

Speed and functionality are the key ingredients in this new OS, available during the second half of 2010. Chrome OS will not be available as a download, however we will have to purchase a preloaded notebook. Hopefully they will have a mac version available :P

TechCrunch writer MG Siegler blogged “Google is inventing an operating system that users almost won’t notice. It will boot quickly, then get out of the way. “What Google is doing is not recreating a new kind of OS, they’re creating the best way to not need one at all.” While I commend Google to be forward thinking and delivering all kinds of goodies for our personal and commercial use, I wonder if this attempt to take a bite out of the Microsoft cake will have as large of an impact as some speculate. Many of the Google Products, including the Chrome browser, are popular in a niche market. The Windows OS has been apart of most families for many years. It will take a global shift of how we use our computers and the internet to embrace the cloud computing way of thinking. I am excited to see Google step out onto the battle field and raise its sword to Microsoft. {flash back to Frank Miller’s movie ‘300’, minus the ending.}

This vid gives you a visual and practical understand how this will work, the Google way.