Google Street View Policy Animated

Vinyl Deo described in the Google privacy policy animated maps street view.

Street View images that appear on the landscape of the street is looking at anyone while driving or walking. These images of photographs depicting the landscape of cities around the world has been published in various forms, including the public Internet in the past. In addition, Google has partnered with organizations such as Disneyland Paris, and will regularly be added to the site of a popular spot in the image collection

No Street View images in real time

Street View images are images taken on the day of the car through its location shooting. Then, until you see the online collection and image processing, it takes at least 2-3 months. In other words, Street View images are displayed in two or three months ago will be two or three years ago.
Processing faces and license plates are blurred

Google to develop cutting-edge technology in blurring faces and license plates are adopted in all the Street View images. For example, if you know the face of the pedestrian walkways clear, readable license plate when the blurring process is performed automatically by the technology, and to prevent certain individuals and license plates. No images were found when treated with this, Google please let us know.