The Growing Use Of AI In Media

The topic of AI is one that’s contentious and hotly debated in recent times, and the area of discussion is spread across a wide variety of subjects. Part of the discussion around it is centered on how difficult it can sometimes be to tell when work is conducted by AI or not.

On that matter, there might have been several different examples of AI-generated work that you’ve already seen at this point but been unaware of. That alone can give you some insight as to what these debates might focus on.

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In Writing

Perhaps most famously, there are tools like ChatGPT which can generate written work. This isn’t the only platform, of course, and there are even debates on this topic, such as picking a side between ChatGPT vs. Bard.

However, what might be notable about the former in particular is the fact that it’s possibly the most widely known example of a platform such as this. Bringing the ability to create AI-generated content to the public is something that massively helped in its popularity – a fact that is polarizing in itself.

As with all fields that AI finds use in, the results aren’t exactly the same when produced as they would be by human hands, meaning that different companies take different stances on its use.

In Illustration

As mentioned previously, one of the areas where the use of AI can be more subtle and difficult to detect is digital images. You might notice that some social media pages might upload artwork that perhaps doesn’t look quite right, something that can be especially noticeable when it comes to animals or human faces.

These images could be produced for the sake of marketing or even just for interest, but where these instances are more benign, people might be surprised to hear about AI being used in the field of illustration.

While more bespoke designs are obviously going to be the main roles of an illustrator, people in these positions might also find themselves expected to use AI tools to generate different designs for a client when they are needed all at once.


As can be seen recently in certain strikes taking place in the US, the implementation of AI into different areas of the media isn’t something that everyone is happy about. When careers are at risk, this can prompt a response.

This might be mostly assumed to be on behalf of the writers, but actors too are finding themselves to be in a more precarious situation than they would like due to AI programs that could be looking to replace people in their roles as well.

This might not sound like something that’s likely to happen, and while lead presences might not yet be at risk, AI might be used more and more in this way as it grows more sophisticated.

Whenever a new technology emerges that threatens to automate certain lines of work or change the way that an entire field is handled, these responses can be seen as an essential part of everyone coming to an agreeable solution on its use – whether or not that shakes out in exactly that way.

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