Guide On The Latest Types Of Printer In The Market

There are many different types of printers and getting to know all of them can be a daunting task. The different types of printers range from the tiny photo printer to the gigantic office printers that include additional features like copying, scanning, stapling, collating, and faxing among others. For easier understanding of all the latest types of printers available in the market, categorizing these appliances is the best approach to take.

According to the category, the main types of available printers include:

  • Home and office printers
  • Photo printers
  • Specialty printers
  • Inkjet and laser printers
  • Multi and single-function printers
  • Label printers

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Home And Office Printers

The difference between office and home printers is that the earlier deal with larger volumes of printing projects. Office printers serve large workgroups, especially those in offices where the demand for printing is high. Home printers are ideal for small personal projects, which do not require large volumes of printed material.

Considering their purpose, office printers are larger than home printers and cost more. Nevertheless, they deliver faster speeds, enhance text quality and value for money eventually. They also print large sizes of paper, unlike office printers that can only produce A4 sized material. Both printers allow a connection, such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi, though the home printers mainly feature the latter or in some cases only USB connections.

Photo Printers

For photographers, printers optimized for printing photographs are available. Most of these are portable and only print the standard 4 by 6 photos though there are others that do larger sizes, especially for commercial use. Some of the portable photo printers and support batteries for photographers on the go and some permit direct printing from smartphones. For large scale printing, there are high-end inkjets that can handle the large format of up to 13 by 19.

Specialty Printers

These are printers dedicated to specific tasks. They may focus on tasks like photo printing, mobile printing, or label printing among others. For individuals or businesses that focus on specific tasks, investing in a specialty printer would be a good idea for the best print quality.

Inkjet And Laser Printers

Inkjet printers are cheaper to purchase compared to laser printers but may cost more over time due to ink purchases. Nevertheless, they offer better photo quality photos, though laser printers beat them at text quality. Regarding speed, laser printers perform better since they print a page at a time whereas inkjet printers print in lines.

Label Printers

Label printers print labels, postage, envelopes and are ideal for organizational postal needs. They are small and a good addition to offices that require these functions. Handheld versions are also available for tagging items back at home such as food containers.

Multi And Single-Function Printers

Single-function printers are those that only print and do not serve any other purpose. Multifunction printers offer additional services such as scanning, copying, faxing or even stapling. For businesses, the latter is ideal as it would save on the cost of buying other tools even though they may cost more upfront. For quality printing services, visit printhub.

Upon understanding these categories, it would be easier to pick out a printer that meets the desired needs. Photographers should go for dedicated photo printers for the best possible quality of their projects. For large scale text-based printing, laser printers would be the ideal choice. The purpose should be the driver during the making of purchase decisions.

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