Have You Met the Mystery Guitar Man?

I am a fan of Stop Motion video productions. Not only is it fun to watch but the process you must go through to finish the material is quite tedious, but if done properly, all the hard work becomes worth it.   I often find myself looking through the web for interesting stop motion materials and I was lucky enough to find this channel on You Tube.

The owner of the site calls himself the Mystery Guitar man.   His videos consist mainly of his creations that he did using stop motion.  He is quite a creative person.  He finds ways to make his videos not only interesting but also interactive. There are occasions where he also adds some extra touches like, for example, using text as graphics to highlight his mood.  Check out his t-shirt too, it is quite cool.

There are a lot of videos that you can watch, but check out the ones that I included here.  One is where he plays Mozart using root beer bottles and the other one is my favorite:  The Interactive Piano.  Check them out and see what i mean, they make you wonder how he did it.