How To Choose cPanel Certified Hosting Provider

Globally, cPanel is the well-renowned control panel. If you are wondering how to choose a cPanel certified hosting provider to well-serve your needs, then read the article below. I’m going to present the ultimate guide to help you carefully decide on a partner. Take into consideration the following details and select the right host.

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When it comes to choosing a cPanel certified hosting provider, you can find multiple options in 2020. But, it is best that you end up closing a deal with a provider that holds a strong market reputation. If you’re wondering how to make sure of that? Then, no worries because the trick is quite simple. You can go online and read the reviews. Nowadays, customers like to share their feedback and experience online to educate the new audience. So reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers is an easy practice to know about the reputation of a hosting provider.

More Reliability

Here reliability is directly associated with uptime. The more reliability means the higher uptime. When you’re partnering with a cPanel certified hosting provider, you should pick one that can promise a minimum of 99.0 % uptime. You probably understand that downtime that can have a serious negative impact on your business, revenue, sales volume, etc. For instance, when your website is down, your customers feel irritated with the bad performance, and this might create an ill image of your business.

High Security

When hackers can get access to your website and install malware, this can also influence your visitors’ devices. Hence, it is crucial that you’re not compromising on the security, reliability, and uptime of your site. You must pick a provider that can deliver additional features to ensure the security of your website. Work through a security checklist when assessing a provider. This includes server software updates, automatic CMS updates, brute-force detection systems, and Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Fast Connection

A fast connection is all about delivering high speed and better performance to your visitors. You must remember that “fast is good.” You would want to partner up with a hosting company that can guarantee a fast connection. This factor is vital to leave a good impression on visitors or potential new customers.

Understandably, a slow-loading site can drive customers away. Choose a hosting provider that is willing to provide fast connection as this will quickly load your website pages and ensure a positive user experience for your visitors. To evaluate a hosting company, check out if its own website, images, and content are loading speedily.

Control Panel & Server Location

You should seek a cPanel certified hosting provider that is capable enough to deliver a user-friendly web-based control panel. This factor is needed to conveniently manage multiple aspects of your site from any location. Moreover, the server location is also important to you. The location of your host data should be centered. This lets you conduct quick online research or email the company to find out the physical location of host data files.

Features & Limitations

Next, you need to check on the features offered, and limitations put by the hosting provider. When it comes to features, a provider must provide essential software & infrastructure to smoothly run your content management system and website. Check on the features, like a total number of domains that can be easily hosted on one account, over-all storage, availability of bandwidth, and secure server (SSL) set-up.

You should also consider features, like database, operating system, programming languages, CMS, domain registration & transfer, easy installation, email hosting, control panel (cPanel), and site migration. A provider mustn’t put any unnecessary limits on your hosting plan. Limitations shouldn’t be too constrictive for your website. You should check on the actual restrictions placed on installation, storage, and bandwidth.

The Bottom Line

cPanel hosting is advantageous in more than one way. It is a sensible choice for many businesses and individuals. It works quite well under the majority of cases. It is an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn option. You can expect to save a lot of time and money with cPanel.

Clearly, it is tried & tested and includes software auto-installers. You can find plenty of tutorials or support available online. You should choose a cPanel certified hosting provider that can deliver all the elements of cPanel, including file modules, databases, preferences, metrics, domains, web applications, security, and advanced software.

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