How To Create A PWA Website With 8B Website Builder

Website builders are just an ideal solution to create a website without employing a designer for small businesses and individuals. Nonetheless, it can be difficult for newcomers to identify the best site builder. One of the easiest ways to build up a website is also to use an online website builder.

Most sites offer different and straightforward tools to make it easy and clear to create a website. All of the website builders are not equal. Some are much more durable, and the others are more versatile.

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In this way, you will begin to create your format, theme, and then combine the features and material of your company with a lot of spent time and maybe some targeted tutorials. The software works on the server, and the front end is a network for simple-to-learn readable functionality that allows you to create your house on the network landscape.

Website Builders are for those who:

  • Have to launch a new website
  • No computer skills and no interest or time in learning.
  • Feel overwhelmed by the idea of creating his website.
  • Alternatively, let others manage changes to the web.

PWA Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App, defined as PWA, is the easiest way for programmers to make loading their web apps quicker and more efficient. PWAs are the sites that use the latest and modern web technologies to enable computers or phones to installation.

PWA is a website application that you can download on your computer. If there is no internet service, it operates offline by using stored information during your last phone experiences. While using Google Chrome on your computer and the correct flags switched on, you will have to download the app when you open the website.

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Microsoft released a version of the Progressive Web App (PWA) Builder, introducing a new model along with the release of the “Feature Store,” which holds code snippets that you can connect with your PWA directly.

You could get a PWA from your site with Visual Story’ PWA Builder without adding a single piece of code, and completely free. The Progressive Web App uses AMP Stories as a web medium, controlled by Visual Stories, then automatically adopted new functionality and enhancements.

Web apps must have the following features:

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Engaging

8B PWA Builder

8b website builder creates the best website designs for users. You don’t have to be a programmer or a web developer for creating a new website on an 8B builder. The latest technology used in this builder provides the best user interface for clients. It gives you the mobile design of your site so that the created website’s outlook will be updated automatically depending upon the device.

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Begin from scratch or select hundreds of already made templates to make a perfect website for your business. You can personalize or adjust anything with most creative drag and drop site builder. The other main feature of this builder is free hosting. The top-quality hosting is provided for free, and it also offers an opportunity to the users to change the code. Google-friendly websites can be generated in just a few minutes.

Following are the fantastic features of 8B builder:

  • SEO optimized
  • User-friendly interface
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Easy and simple
  • App Design
  • AMP support
  • Publish easily

How To Create A PWA Website Using 8B Builder

In just four following steps, a mobile-friendly and SEO optimized website can be created by using 8B builder

Multiple Templates

After signing up on an 8B builder, there is a variety of themes available on this builder. You can choose any theme which will best suit your website. Without a lot of effort, you could make your site look perfect. There’s no chance that you won’t get a theme according to your site. When you select a theme, you will have to title your future work and then tap on Create Website.

You can select the following themes for your site:

  • Event
  • Portfolio
  • Agency
  • Travel
  • Photographer
  • Company
  • Hotel
  • many more

If your desired template is not on that list, you can still change these themes and mold them according to your way. This feature makes 8B flexible to use.

Edit The New Site

As soon as you select to create a website, you will see an already designed website. This website can now be edited and modified according to your needs and choice. You can edit the layout, and then you will add the content.

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Different sections like Headers, Footers, Menus, Pricing Tables, Gallery, and videos can be added. Categories can also be defined in your site to make the site look user-friendly. Each section has its own variations. You can customize each section and block by clicking Customize Section Icon. The layout of each block can be modified like the font size, writing styles, colors of text, font size, etc.

Publish Your Site

After completing the new website, you will have to publish it. It does not take much time with 8b hosting and web builder, but you may find several other choices for creating an 8b free website, which might help you improve your site’s function.

By clicking the open menu, you can change the favicon, domain, site analytics, remove unused CSS, and set Google index. You can also modify or attach the current domain with your own.


The key features of 8B builders make it one of the best website builders. User-friendly interface, SEO optimized, and up to date layouts, which are best for everyone, are making it just perfect. You can get a responsive and flexible AMP-based site which is entirely built without coding. You can logically model and maintain your pages, create exclusive templates, and conveniently post SEO or Google-friendly sites to a protected domain.

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