How To Share USB Devices Over Ethernet

FlexiHub is a solution to share USB over Ethernet; you can use it for sharing serial ports over the network as well. The app makes the full functionality of a USB or serial device attached to a computer with FlexiHub installed available to remote computers over the network. Create a FlexiHub account and start sharing USB remote devices right away.

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Detect Device Type Automatically

FlexiHub can automatically detect what type of device is connected to a machine. The moment you attach it, the app will display whether it sees it as a printer, a mobile phone, a keyboard, a mouse, a camera, etc. This simplifies things if there are many devices connected to a remote computer – you don’t have to break your head trying to figure out which one you need. Devices that use serial ports to communicate with applications have a special indicator.

Share USB Ports In Virtual Environment

Virtual machines do not see USB or serial ports the host OS has, so accessing devices attached to them is a bit of problem. Unless you have a FlexiHub installed – it enables getting through to USB ports in a virtual environment as if it is your virtual machine has it. FlexiHub supports VMware, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual PC and other virtualization software.

Connect Via Private Server

FlexiHub uses its own redirection server to share USB over Ethernet, this means no real IP address is required for computers to participate in the data exchange. Please note that although you will not be able to ‘see’ the computer with a shared device attached, you can still connect to USB over Ethernet and make use of its functionality or access it contents.

Compress Traffic

FlexiHub compresses your data when transferring it, thus considerably reducing the traffic consumed and increasing the speed of interaction with other devices. Define an optimal compression ratio depending on your needs.

Good Reasons To Choose FlexiHub

Connect Securely

FlexiHub uses 2048-bit SSL encryption, a secure protocol that provides an extra layer of protection to transfer your data. This means that when you share USB port over Ethernet, your data will never be lost or accessed by a third-party without your permission.

Lock Devices From Access

If you do not want a local device to be accessed by remote computers in your network, lock it. It will not appear on the other side of the connection and nobody will access it.

No Drivers Required

FlexiHub shares USB and serial devices over Ethernet without USB drivers. You do not need to install them neither on your local machine nor on a thin client.

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