How To Take Advantage Of 4K PTZ?

If you’re transitioning your setup to 4K PTZ cameras, you must take the time to learn about how to leverage them properly. It’s no secret that a 4K resolution is crisper and clearer than lower resolutions. However, this clarity does come at more demanding file size. Anyone wanting to take full advantage of their 4K PTZ should consider the following advice.

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Keep More Data

Storage space will be the biggest necessity if you want to take full advantage of 4K cameras. A customized 4K PTZ camera will use the same storage as a traditional model. Depending on your usage, you may need numerous storage devices. You can determine your requirements by considering the following:

  • Each minute of video requires .233GB of space
  • Each hour of video requires 14GB of space

If you have your cameras connected to an extensive network that does all of the processing and handles storage, you’ll undoubtedly need to increase capacity. You may also want to work with an IT team to help.

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Increase Processing Capacity

Processing larger videos and images will also take more computer processing power. Depending on the age of the system, you may need an entirely new system or a new CPU. Often, bottlenecks in processing will occur due to a lack of memory. Editing and processing videos of these sizes will demand higher memory.

Workstations and servers need to be powerful enough to process data of this size. You may even need to consider moving some of your systems to the cloud. Cloud computing allows you to rapidly scale up or down, depending on your needs.

For example, you can leverage cloud storage that removes the storage barrier in the last point. However, you’ll also need to have a wired connection that can rapidly upload this content to the cloud to be used by entire control rooms. So, there’s a lot to consider in terms of processing.

Consider Remote Workflows

PTZ cameras are most powerful when you have remote workflows. Of course, these workflows aren’t a 4K requirement, but more of a general requirement for using any type of PTZ camera. Why? Remote workflows are a great way to take 100% control over your camera. You’ll need a camera controller, remote, and even a control center. The control center and setup you create will allow you to stream in real-time and see what’s happening in each camera.

In a professional setting, many setups will have multiple cameras and controllers that can all be controlled at the control center. When you create this kind of setup, it’s possible to create a 360-degree view to capture scenes from all angles. Creating robust workflows will empower you to make the most of your 4K camera.

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4K Monitor Is A Must

A 4K monitor is a must-have if you plan on working on any form of 4K video. Issues occur when the monitor isn’t 4K compatible. You’ll need to edit the video and view it properly, and if you don’t have the right monitor, you must upgrade to one.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid these upgrade costs. You may even need split screens or multiple feeds coming into the control center that will allow you to take greater control of the recording.

Deal With Proxy Files

Proxy files or recordings can be recorded simultaneously as RAW files. Since this dual recording is going on, it allows you to edit your video seamlessly. For example, the proxy file can be:

  • Loaded onto a laptop while the raw files are still being recorded
  • Files can then be moved into the NLE programs on the laptop
  • Production teams can view and verify the performance and composition of the files

These same proxy files can be broken down into different takes at the more advanced stages. The takes can be edited, color corrected, and all post-processing can be done in the most streamlined, optimized manner possible.

If you have the best 4k PTZ camera, you need to follow the advice above to take full advantage of the technology. You may need to make investments in new processing technologies, equipment or even hire a specialist to make sure your setup is perfect for 4K.

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