How Technology Changes The Staffing Industry

Recruitment is an unavoidable part of growing any business. Some companies have an internal HR department responsible for recruiting processes, while many smaller companies and startups choose to hand over their hiring processes to staffing and recruitment agencies.

Many employers choose to hire tech talents who were previously recommended by their employees or associates. This hiring method is known as a referral system. It is popular due to the credibility employees usually enjoy. Their knowledge and skillfulness qualify them as someone who can be objective when it comes to their potential colleagues.

Deciding which hiring method works best for your company and your team should be accompanied by the usage of recruitment tools. Technology is changing recruitment, and it’s making hiring uncomplicated. Automating hiring processes is becoming obligatory, and it affects all aspects of your business positively.

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Digitally-Driven Recruitment

Candidates and job seekers are raising their expectations regarding hiring. They are presuming that selection and hiring processes are getting less time-consuming and more straightforward. A variety of digital tools should enable this.

Companies need to accelerate their hiring process to obtain the most qualified candidates. Hiring is and always will be built upon human interactions, but it’s improving thanks to technology.

Employer Branding And Recruitment

The future of recruitment begins with Employer Branding. There’s an unbreakable bond between successful hiring and the company’s reputation and public image. Whether you assign sourcing and interviewing candidates to an internal HR or recruiter, or choose to go for an external staffing agency – these people will undoubtedly become your brand ambassadors.

And it also works the other way around – once your brand is visible to the right people, you’ll be obtaining more applications from qualified candidates. Your hiring process will run smoothly, and chances that the top talent will accept your job offer afterward are significantly increasing.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Employer Branding

Digital tools that can help you in this area are numerous. Some tools will help you out with social media. Online presence is mandatory, and you can ease your route to mastering it by using scheduling tools such as Buffer or HootSuite.

Content creation tools include Seenit, Canva, or Skill Scout for EB videos.

Several platforms can help you out with candidate experience, and some software solutions that will assist you in keeping track of your employee satisfaction.

Researching and metrics are an essential part of both HR and Employer Branding. Employer Brand Index is an excellent tool for measuring your rating according to your candidates and employees.

Screening & Interviewing

Most job interviews can be successfully conducted without requiring a physical presence from the candidates. Video or audio calls, done by phone or through an online meeting room (Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, Whereby, or other), should be a standard part of the hiring process.

Interviewers can save a considerable amount of time (primarily the candidate’s time) by choosing to conduct at least the initial screening online.

Providing candidates with accurate and timely information and feedback is a must. Recruiters and Hiring Managers can count on several tools that will help them out with this vital part of the hiring process.

An ATS can also do the trick when it comes to automated emails and sending out feedback. Even though a tool will make your job easier, feedback must be personalized, and it must contain truthful information.

Recruiting Software

Using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will lead to achieving better results in terms of hiring, building an online reputation, and overall candidate experience.

However, looking for an ATS that fully suits a company’s needs is a serious and thorough process. Not all HR solutions work equally well for every company. Large scale companies, enterprises, and corporations have different needs, and their hiring procedures require an ATS that can handle some more complex tasks and actions. Smaller companies that are gradually growing and hiring less frequently than large companies have other types of necessities.

Before employers make their final choice regarding an ATS, they should do their calculations based on the future objectives, milestones, and the data that will need to be processed.

Some of the most frequently used ATS’s are Greenhouse, Jobvite, Lever, and Workable.

Recruitment CRM

Candidate relationship management (CRM) software is another tool that gained popularity over the past few years. These tools also help companies with Employer Branding. They are built to attract and engage candidates.

  • Ascendify is a well-known recruitment CRM suitable for large companies. It connects predictive analytics with recruiting.
  • Beamery offers its clients a self-styled recruitment marketing software.
  • SmashFly is one of the highly recommended CRMs dedicated primarily to content marketing.

Crowdsourcing Recruitment Platform

So, we’ve all agreed that the staffing industry is evolving. There are many useful digital assets recruitment specialists should grab hold of and contribute to their client’s or company’s success by simplifying and automating hiring processes.

A crowdsourcing recruitment platform is immensely helpful for several reasons. Unlike an ATS, a platform like this matches any company’s needs perfectly, regardless of the number of current employees or open positions.

The communication between the employer (the company that subscribes to the recruitment platform and posts a job opening) and the referred candidates is smooth, uncomplicated, and transparent.

Every Step Of The Hiring Process Via A Recruitment Platform Is Automated

Traditional methods of sourcing candidates are being substituted. Cold calling has been dead for quite a while, and cold emailing is about to be traded for more comfortable and more efficient methods.

Crowdsourced recruitment combines the best of two areas of expertise – recruitment specialists will join, and so will the developers, engineers, and other IT professionals. Posting a vacancy to a crowdsourcing platform is a guaranteed way for an employer to meet the top talent.

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