How Technology Helps An Insurance Agent Find Potential Clients

Technology has arguably been this generation’s saving grace and worst enemy. Regardless of our hesitations regarding the current digital landscape, it has undoubtedly proven to be a boon for small business owners and especially larger corporations since they are able to reach thousands – if not millions – of potential customers every day.

Just the scope of communication and outreach available now is breathtaking, and nearly every sector has realized the market potential of technological developments and social media. This is especially true when it comes to the world of insurance services, as agents realize that they must be well versed in this particular medium in order to attract new clients.

One thing every insurance agent needs in order to become one is the Series 6 License, which entitles you to become registered and able to sell mutual funds. If you are an insurance agent or preparing to receive your license and eager to find out more about how to get your business started, then it’s important that you do the research to really understand the requirements. It’s extremely important to know about the fine details when it comes to licensing so that you can get to work and build up that client base ASAP.

Technology helps a lot when it comes to finding potential clients, and the following should help give you an idea of the ways in which the latest technology can be used to grow your clientele.

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Build A Website

Traditional flyers and business cards are all well and good, but unfortunately, their utility in our contemporary, digitally-driven world is limited. Nowadays, the best way to let people know about your services, objectives, and learn more about your success is through a website.

A website forms the essential groundwork for everything you are doing and allows people to understand what the insurance agency is offering with just a few clicks. Also, as illustrated in the next few tips below, a website feeds into other social media platforms you will be using to reach a potential audience, so a clear site with an accessible and easy to navigate interface will save you a lot of trouble.

Craft A Compelling Message And Send It

One thing that insurance agents sometimes neglect to cover is the importance of reaching out directly to the consumer and being transparent in sharing your company’s mission and goals with them. An excellent and accessible format for this is the e-newsletter since it allows you to tell the story in the best way possible: you won’t feel beholden to a character limit, and the narrative of what you are offering is allowed to breathe.

An e-newsletter allows you and your agency to give weekly or monthly updates to clients about various insurance topics, too, which reiterates to clients how familiar you are with the ins and outs of the business, therefore building confidence.

Social Media

Saying that social media platform is an amazing marketing tool is perhaps somewhat of a cliché at this point. However, one cannot underestimate the influence of platforms such as Facebook or Instagram and their unparalleled ability to reach consumers who perhaps would not have heard of your agency otherwise.

A dynamic online presence, wherein your company’s website, Facebook account, and newsletters work in tandem to tell compelling stories about the services you offer can make all the difference, especially when an insurance agent is just starting out and wants to ensnare new clients.

Optimize Search Engines

Another clever tool insurance agents use is buying advertising space through a search engine. Through the mere typing of a few words, a potential client can see your agency as soon as they hit the “Enter” button on their keyboard. Search engines offer an incredible opportunity for commercial growth in a very short period of time. While they can be quite an investment for a nascent organization or a new agent learning the ropes, they do make a world of difference and should be considered as a vital part of your company’s business plan.

Design A Client Portal Or Mobile App

A client portal through which customers can easily view all their information is another boon for the insurance agency, thanks to the technological advancements of the past decade. Designing this incredible digital tool or mobile app for your customers’ phones allows them to pay bills on time and set up auto payments (which will save your insurance company tons of money and spare the pain of hounding customers too much via mail) or learn more about their coverage all in one convenient space.

Furthermore, a client portal is a clever way for agencies to cull their customers’ data and keep them all in one place – there’s no need for endless stacks of paper when you have this tool on hand.

Learning The Ropes

If you are new to the insurance game and only recently received your license, trying to break into the industry can feel rather overwhelming. Luckily, technology has been able to service companies large and small in incredibly useful ways – just be sure to take advantage of these tools and design a strong internal communications system.

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