How Technology Can Make Medical Practices More Efficient

When it comes to admin tasks, few businesses are more overloaded than medical practices. Filing, taking and tracking appointments, signing patients in and out, issuing documentation and prescriptions, keeping records updated – these are just some of the administration tasks medical practices are faced with daily. Unfortunately, such high levels of administration tend to result in lots of manual labor, which in turn can run a significant risk of error and, of course, negatively impact the efficiency and profitability of a practice.

Whether you are running a small dental practice or large private clinic, administration inefficiencies can be significantly holding you back from delivering better patient care and service and ensuring a more rewarding return. However, there are lots of modern technologies available to help.

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Here are five such technologies you should be seriously considering implementing if you run or own a medical practice:

1. Electronic Medical Records Software

Most practices have already moved to the world of electronic medical records; however, that transition may have just been too simple systems or labor-intensive excel sheets. Investing in a reputable EMR software solution ensures you can securely keep all patient records in one place, with all prescriptions and visits recorded digitally – no more paperwork!

Not only do electronic medical records software solutions increase efficiency, but they help ensure patient care enabling staff to have full patient files on hand in an instance. This is also beneficial for ensuring compliance by quickly being able to provide any proof or evidence an auditor requires immediately.

2. Appointment Reminder Systems

The root cause behind one of the most significant inefficiencies in medical practices is missed appointments. If operating a full appointment schedule, it is imperative that every meeting is attended. A full calendar means disappointed patients who have to wait or go elsewhere for an appointment. If someone then misses an appointment, someone has had to go elsewhere or wait unnecessarily for an appointment at their expense. The result? High patient dissatisfaction.

To combat missed appointments, medical staff can commit to phoning and e-mail patients with reminders in advance, which can take up quite a lot of time. However,  implementing an automated system for appointment reminders provides the ideal solution for all of this.

Appointments can be booked through the system with reminders sent out at defined intervals via the preferred method of communication of the patient. Only once the patient confirms the appointment do the notifications cease, significantly minimizing the risk of missed appointments or last-minute cancellations.

3. Financial Engagement Solutions

Another prominent issue that can hold medical practices back is payments. With so many options for medical care these days, how you manage payments is critical to ensuring a positive patient experience and retaining the patients you have. That’s why practices are keen to offer their patients flexible payment plans to meet their needs and accept contributions from various healthcare insurers and schemes.

This flexibility can prove quite the administration and accountancy headache, however – and that’s where financial engagement software solutions can be of crucial assistance. Such technology solutions can accept digital payments, provide timely communication about upcoming payment milestones and friendly reminders about payments overdue. No need for admin staff to be chasing payments, yet payment reconciliation will significantly improve.

When it comes to medical care, embracing new technologies is not only crucial to ensure you can deliver the most innovative and effective therapies and solutions. It’s also a critical element of ensuring you can run the most efficient and respected business. Progressive practices need to embrace progressive technologies in all areas of their business!

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