How Technology Is Taking Over The Delivery Industry

The US postal service is now 50 years old, but it’s never been afraid of a little technological innovation. Giant eCommerce brands like Amazon have set a new standard for delivery times and prices. Nowadays, people demand that their products are delivered for free and under 24 hours. This has put a strain on the industry but led to technological advancements that hope to make product delivery as cheap, fast, and reliable as possible.

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Delivery Robots

In 2020, the delivery robot industry was worth a staggering $3.5 billion, and this figure is only growing. You may have seen these autonomous delivery bots yourself as they’re becoming increasingly widespread. A company like Starship Technologies, for instance, operates delivery bots in over 100 cities across 20 countries.

Founded in Tallinn, Estonia, it’s increasingly common to see these bots across the US, the UK, and Germany. Of course, human postal workers will always have a role. However, more delivery bots mean a faster and more reliable service that is also significantly cheaper. This benefits the average consumer and helps small businesses keep up with the likes of Amazon.

Delivery Drones

Talking of Amazon, it has been promising to make delivery drones the norm for many years now. However, this has yet to materialise, and Amazon hasn’t come to any deals with drone companies to make this a reality. Nonetheless, the technology does exist, and it’s being used across the globe by innovative startups.

In Ireland, a company called Manna has started delivering food and drinks. Fully autonomous drones make 2000 to 3000 flights a day. They pick up your item, fly at 50mph to your house, then drop it gently in a safe place. This is 90% cheaper than delivering food by car. Manna hasn’t reached the US yet, but it operates in Canada.

The Rise Of Online Comparison Sites

The way we organize mail delivery is also changing for the better. Across the world, physical post offices are closing down as it becomes easier than ever to order a courier online. This makes it quick and efficient for anyone to find a service that offers optimum delivery speeds at the lowest price. This is great for anyone, but it’s particularly useful for small businesses.

Finding a local courier service is essential if you’re a small business owner looking to compete with the big guns. For instance, Australian-based companies can easily search online for courier Sydney services. This connects them to a service that might beat the national post office on speed, reliability, and price.

The delivery industry is more exciting than you might imagine. More than almost any other industry, it’s fully ready to adopt robots and autonomous flying vehicles. The example of online comparison sites is just one more way in which courier services are using technology to create the best service for online shoppers. Small businesses can use these technological breakthroughs to their advantage, helping them compete with the largest online retailers.

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