How To Track An iPhone Just Using The Number

How could you track someone’s iPhone by having a number? Well, this can be done by your network operator, they have access to track any phone on the basis of a phone number. Network carrier companies don’t track anyone’s location on someone’s demand due to some security restrictions.

So, how to actually track an iPhone with a phone number? Credits to technology, there are many phone spying services working in this modern era. Using those spying services, you can track any phone device for real. These phone spying services can be used to track location and other activities of any phone device you want to track according to your preferences.

Now, the main issue is to decide which spying service is secure and trustworthy? As we all know that in this world of hacking, anyone can steal your precious data by offering any fraud services. Choosing a reliable and safe phone spying service is very important.

Well, no need to worry because we have got a smart and professional phone spying service for you. That amazing phone monitoring app’s name is Spyier. Let’s find out, what is Spyier and how can we use this tracking service to track anyone’s phone device using this service.

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Spyier – World’s Trusted Phone Spying App

Spyier is one of the renowned and well-established phone monitoring services. This spy app offers dozens of fine and quality phone tracking features. Millions of users from different parts of the World do rely on this phone surveillance company to perform their required phone tracking operations. This phone spying solution is totally scam and virus free.

There are no hidden prompts or frauds that can affect your phone, or it’s data. The best thing about this phone monitoring app is that it doesn’t require any type of Jailbreak or Root process. Spyier aims to provide safe and professional phone spying services without engaging users in any sort of risky activities. Tracking iPhone by number is also possible using this spying app.

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Some of the companies are using Spyier daily to keep monitoring their employees to avoid any unexpected loss of the company’s confidential data through any of the employees. In fact, Spyier is becoming the trusted phone spying brand of parents, parents using this spying app to keep an eye on their children’s phone activities.

So, Spyier is getting used worldwide on a daily basis for different purposes of phone tracking. Let’s check out some of the brilliant and main spying features of Spyier phone spying service. Every phone spying solution is designed, mainly according to the user’s expectations.

Features Of Spyier Phone Spying Service

There are more than a dozen features that are included in this phone spying app. Every single feature reflects professionalism and a full tracking approach. After setting up your Spyier phone spying account, you can easily access any of the spy features to monitor any target phone device as per your requirements. Let’s take a short look at some of the core spying features of Spyier phone surveillance service.

  • Call Tracking is one of the powerful features of Spyier that users can use to track all of the incoming and outgoing calls of that target phone device. Also, view call’s durations and contacts that have been contacted most.
  • Message Tracking is also an important feature that allows you to read all of the sent and received messages of a phone device. You can read deleted messages as well by using this spying feature.
  • Location Tracking of any target phone device is possible. You can use this feature to track the device’s location based on GPS or WiFi. 3D street view support is provided as well.
  • Website Tracking allows you to view the browser history of that device’s web browser you want to target. This spying feature lets you view timestamps, website descriptions, and bookmarks.
  • SIM Card Tracking is one of the latest phone spying features that you can use to find the IMEI number of the device. You can also grab the SIM Card location as well using this fantastic feature.

Besides these features, different spying features of third-party apps are also included. Like Track FB Messages, WhatsApp Spy, Snapchat Spy, Instagram Spy, and other applications. Once you complete your Spyier account setup, you would be able to access all these powerful spying features right from your Dashboard screen. Now, it’s time to find out how we can track an iPhone with just Number by using the Spyier phone spying solution.

How To Track An iPhone With Just Number Using Spyier

All we have to do is to follow some simple steps to track an iPhone. First, we will perform the account registration process; then, we would be able to access any of the spying features from Spyier’s dashboard screen. Remember, you don’t have to Jailbreak your target iPhone device in order to perform iPhone tracking.

Step 1

First, you have to visit Spyier’s official website using any web browser. Click on the Sign Up Free button to start account registration. Enter your email and preferred password to proceed further.

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Step 2

Now, you would have to choose any one device from the given options of iPhone or Android. Choose iPhone and enter iCloud account details of that iPhone device you want to spy on.

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Step 3

Now, Spyier’s system will verify the iCloud account details that you have entered. Keep following on-screen instructions to proceed in order to complete the device configuration process.

Step 4

Congratulations, you would see the message of the complete installation process. Now all you have to do is to open any web browser and sign in your Spyier’s newly created account.

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After signing in to your Spyier’s account, you would be able to access all of the phone spying features available at the left side of your Dashboard screen. To track an iPhone device, you can avail two spying features. One spy feature you can use is Location Tracker; using this feature will let you access the target iPhone device based on GPS or WiFi.

Another phone spying feature that you can use for that purpose is the SIM Card tracker. Using this feature, you would be able to view the SIM-based location of an iPhone device, and you can also have an IMEI number of that iPhone device as well.

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We hope that now you would be able to trust and use Spyier’s phone spying services in order to track on any device, either iPhone or Android. If you want to try on Spyier’s phone spying app on your own, then you can click on the Demo option on the official website to use the Demo version of Spyier phone spy app. Remember that Spyier’s phone spying solution runs on a Stealth Mode, which makes this app undetectable from the device’s owner.


As an overall conclusion, we can conclude that Spyier is one of the best and innovative phone spying services around the World. You can use this phone spying app to track both iPhone and Android as per your preferences. No Root or Jailbreak is required to spy on any smartphone device.

The best thing about this phone monitoring app is that it is totally undetectable because this app runs on a Stealth Mode. So, Spyier is the most secure and reliable phone spying solution for every type of user.

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