How To Use Electric Scooters For Adults?

The idea of going green is not only about reducing the use of fossil fuels. Instead, it can still improve convenience in some cases. Commuting around the city with public transportation seems like a good idea for many people. Hopping in the automobile to shop for several things is also simpler and quicker than walking to a grocery. However, riding an electric scooter can give you the best of both worlds: convenient and green.

The most important thing is that these vehicles are very affordable for everyone. With simple designs and mechanisms, you can learn how to ride them just in a few minutes. From children and adults to women and men, everyone can get a more active lifestyle only with a small investment. Keep reading to learn how to use an electric scooter for adults.

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How Does An Electric Scooter Work?

Before learning how to use an electric scooter, it is essential to know how it works. This will allow you to ride the vehicle properly and safely on the road. Basically, this type of vehicle can perform two things: stop and accelerate. Turning will need a balance of twisting and leaning the front wheel.

Stop an electric scooter stops, thanks to friction. You can use your foot and hand to produce friction in the wheels. A typical scooter often has 1 or 2 hand brakes on the handlebar. It can be used easily by squeezing. Similarly, the foot brake can be used when you step down on a rear fender.

Accelerate: you can speed up with an electric scooter in 3 ways: thumb, wrist, and foot.

Simple Steps To Ride An Electric Scooter For Adults

Once you have learned how an electric scooter, now it’s time to learn how to ride it:

Step 1: Charge The Scooter

Before starting, make sure to charge your electric scooter fully. Just plug in the model and wait until it reaches the maximum capacity. The exact time can vary a lot, depending on the models. Some models can be charged by electricity or with the foot brake.

Step 2: Wear The Helmet

Since some electric scooters would speed up to 18 mph, it is essential to wear the helmet. This will protect your head from any injuries when a fall or accident occurs. If necessary, you can purchase some other protective gear to protect different parts of the body.

Step 3: Place Feet On The Scooter’s Deck

Make sure both feet must be placed on the deck of the scooter. You should never leave this area unless you want to leave it. Just put both feet near each other so that they face straight in the center of the deck. At high speed, just angle the feet to a similar side to get an aerodynamic position.

Step 4: Maneuver With The Scooter

At this step, you can learn how to accelerate, brake, and turn the scooter as said in the previous section. For accelerating, just press a throttle button to reach your desired speed. Braking with the left hand is the simplest way to slow down. Rotate the handlebar to turn the scooter. Make sure to do this gradually to avoid a fall.

Step 5: Fold Up

When you complete riding, just fold up the electric scooter. This can be done easily by pressing the release button. Depending on the model, you also need to fold the handlebars.

Useful Tips For Riding An Electric Scooter For Adults

Here are a few simple tips that you should know when riding an electric scooter:

Be careful: Regardless of your confidence and experience, it is always better to be alert and take preventive measures.

Do not be overconfident: Make sure to have control over speeding and acceleration. Watch over the speed-breakers. If not observed, they would be dangerous.

Stick to traffic laws: Just like riding other vehicles, you should obey any traffic laws when riding an electric scooter, such as stopping at the red light, yielding to pedestrians and cars, or avoid going on the walking areas.


Riding an electric scooter can bring a lot of fun and convenience. With this in-depth guide, we hope that you would learn how to use the vehicle quickly and enjoy moving around your neighborhood. Make sure to check the manual for more specific instructions and guidance.

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