Human or Robot? Can You Tell The Difference?

After watching Terminator and Total Recall, we all knew this was coming. It really is no surprise. This article is about yet another completely creepy invention from Japan; however, this time, it’s creepy in a cool advanced technology and science kind of way.

Do you remember Hiroshi Ishiguro? He’s the Japanese roboticist who became famous back in 2006 for building an “evil” robot twin of himself? You can read that original story here.

This time he’s outdone himself. Now he built a woman, named Geminoid F, who looks, smiles, frowns, blinks, pauses, nods and pretty much acts exactly like a real person. It all seems very Terminator like to me, like she could pull out a knife and slit your throat while calmly eating a sandwich or something.

Mr. Ishiguro used a real model to make this Android (pictured below), and as of now, that woman’s identity is being kept private. Replicas of this robot will sell for about $110,000 each. Apparently she is suited to be a receptionist in an office, an assistant at a hospital, or, yes, someone’s mate (although nobody is saying that openly). The “I’m going to give you bad dreams tonight” 42 second video below shows it all.

For the bargain price of only $225,000, you can get your Android clone custom made to your specific taste. She even comes with a remote control. According to, which is where you can read this full story, “We’re neurologically hardwired to react to these puppets as though they’re human beings. Once they start walking around, things will get interesting.”

Thank you to for the great brain picture above.