How To Increase Profits At Your Screen Printing Company

A general rule in your screen printing business is that you cannot increase profits directly, only indirectly. You cannot just say that you are going to increase the benefits of your business without some specific strategy.

Although running a business can be challenging at times, it’s possible to increase your business profits with just a few changes in your practices. Business owners who learn to experiment with different strategies to boost revenues become more profitable. Investing in an Epson fabric printer can allow you to take all of your printing needs in-house. Below is a list of ways to increase profits at your screen printing company.

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Always ask the customer to upgrade, ie. “Can I get you a higher quality shirt for just a few dollars more?” This question needs to be asked with every order for the obvious reason, and premium items generally have a higher profit margin.

If the customer is using a basic tee, get him/her into a soft style, or a nicer/better brand. Your customers will appreciate it, and your top line will increase, adding some incremental value to your order.

Add New, Related Services To Increase Profitability

Keep track of items or services your customers ask for, and then do enough market research to find out how widespread the need is, and whether or not you could profit by adding them. Don’t skip the market research. You wouldn’t want to stock up on an item and then find that only one or two people really want to buy it.

Management software

Do you need help with keeping track of jobs, creating online stores, automating customer approvals, or help with scheduling? A screen printing shop management software will help you grow your shop, reduce headaches, and increase profit.


A budget is what helps to keep your expenses in control. Your business budget needs to be followed closely in order to ensure that your finances remain in order. Follow your budget strictly and only go outside of it when it is beneficial to your business generating more money or keeping more money. Your budget also needs to be revisited quarterly, if not monthly. This will help your budget remain aligned with the growth of your business.

Hire A Salesperson

Another tactic to sell more t-shirts is to hire a dedicated salesperson. The best way to make a sale is with a personal touch. Having that ‘go-to person’ to meet with customers, make product recommendations, and show off samples will inevitably increase your t-shirt sales. If hiring a salesperson isn’t in your budget now, make sure you are taking the time to meet with clients to solicit and close sales.

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