Industries Revolutionized By Artificial Intelligence And Robots

Nowadays, artificial intelligence and robots are subjects undergoing intense study all over the world. Some individuals fear that the rise of the development of technology and the capabilities of robots can end up in a terrible scenario of robots taking control over the world or seriously damage the demand for human workflow.  On the other hand, numerous scientists and technology experts are focused on the bright side of the rise of technology as it is strongly linked to the development of humanity.

In today’s era of digital revolution, technology has created numerous new opportunities for businesses, economy, and societies from all over the world. In the last several years, artificial intelligence and robots have brought a significant innovation in essential industries from our world which we all benefit from. Here are just a few key examples of the way the rise of technology is revolutionizing and innovating our world for the better.

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Healthcare Industry

One of the most important sectors for humanity is healthcare as people get ill, accidents and emergencies arise all the time and only the healthcare can put an end to the suffering of the patients. Both medical and pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of artificial intelligence and robots to offer better treatment to sick people from all over the world. A wide variety of medical procedures such as diagnosing diseases, delivering anesthesia, performing surgeries are, nowadays, revolutionized by the latest technology.

There are numerous innovations and technological advantages paving the way for hospital automation which helps doctors to offer to their patients the best treatment for their health problems. The da Vinci Surgical System seems to dominate the healthcare industry by helping the operating surgeons to control tiny and precise instruments inside the patient’s body.

Moreover, there is also a rapid development of surgical robots for a wide variety of medical procedures such as cardiac, colorectal, gynecologic, thoracic, and urologic. Another popular technology which has helped the healthcare industry to significantly improve is iRobot which is a remote presence robot which allows outpatient medical specialists to interact with their patients even from a substantial distance.

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Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry is another essential sector for all of us as it provides the largest part of our foods. The growth of population and the extreme climate changes in our environment are making scientists fear that the dramatic demand for agriculture production will not be able to be satisfied in the future.

However, robots and artificial intelligence are already helping the agriculture industry to work with greater efficiency and increased productivity. Agricultural robots are designed to plant, water, weed, harvest, fertilize the soil, and transport products which considerably improve the agriculture industry.  Considering the major issues facing agriculture going forward, innovation in agriculture with the help of AI and robots is an increasing need which humans should focus on.

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Automotive And Transportation

We have all heard of self-driving cars which will be hitting the road in the near future. Self-driving cars are promising important transportation improvements such as decreasing the risks of accidents on the road, lower energy costs and alleviate traffic congestion.

However, until the moment we no longer need to know how to drive a car in order to get from a place to another, robots’ automation has already significantly improved the driving experience for us. The rise of artificial intelligence and robots in the automotive and transportation industries have transformed the way vehicles are designed and tested. Due to the improved way of designing cars nowadays, vehicles are equipped with the best safety features designed to help the passengers to avoid or minimize the consequences of road accidents.

Manufacturing Industry

Artificial intelligence and robots have had a significant positive impact on the manufacturing industry for increasing productivity and efficiency. Manufacturing robots collaborate with workers to perform repetitive or intricate tasks under the guidance and control of the worker who is nowadays in the position of an operator.  Precision in the production is easily achieved with a small industrial robot having the ability to be reprogramed for specific tasks of different sizes and complexities.

Moreover, robotic manufacturing technologies help business owners to lower production costs while producing more in less time. Automation in the manufacturing industry is also improving the work conditions of the employees as they no longer have to make hard efforts to perform repetitive boring tasks or lift and manipulate heavy items used for the production. Also, an important benefit of manufacturing automation is the easiness of packaging and shipping the products using robots to make distribution more efficient and ensure a better user experience for e-commerce orders.

Customer Service

The automation of customer services is aiming to offer the users an improved experience which can help them find the best solutions for their needs faster and easier. Robot voices used for customer services have been significantly improved and the latest generations sound a lot more like human voice making it difficult for you to know whether you are talking to a robot or another human being.

Having advanced systems, AI and robots powered by automated solutions help users to fulfill numerous regular tasks such as booking a restaurant reservation, ordering food online, book movie tickets, or make a clinic appointment. The customer service industry is revolutionized and innovated with the help of artificial intelligence and robots for offering better assistance to the users. Numerous companies from all over the world have embraced and invested in AI technology for their customer services due to the efficiency of handling first-level queries and minimized operational costs.

The contemporary dilemma of whether the rise of technology, AI, and robots is a gateway to innovation or a risk to the demand for human workflow seems to incline on the bright side of the situation. Technology has significantly positively influenced human evolution to the current modern world, improving the overall quality of life. Automation has become incredibly prevalent in many sectors of our world and numerous industries have completely embraced the benefits of using AI and robots to increase their productivity and efficiency which boost convenience for both businesses and consumers.

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