Interactive Kids Pajamas With Bedtime Stories Embedded Via QR Codes

Children love bedtime stories, and reading a book is part of the bedtime routine for children all around the world. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to incorporate technology into that process? Maybe you already read eBooks to your children. This is definitely a new twist for bedtime stories. It seems wearable tech has moved beyond adult stuff and into the realm of children. These are the world’s first interactive kids pajamas.

The way it works is very simple, and it almost eliminates the need for books at bedtime. The pajamas you see below are called Smart PJs. Each of these kids pajamas have dots all over them. Those dots are QR codes. Each one has 50 different codes on it. When bedtime comes, the parents and children simply scan one of the dot clusters on the PJs and then sit back and watch their bedtime story unfold on their mobile device through the free Smart PJs mobile app.

Depending on which dot cluster you scan, you may hear a lullaby, learn some interesting facts about animals, or hear a full bedtime story. As you can imagine, the person who designed these pajamas is a parent. Creator Juan Murdoch is a father of six children, and if they are young, I’m sure they are all running around the house wearing these Smart PJs.

According to Juan, he’s been selling these kids pajamas for about three months, and he sells about a hundred pairs a month. Something tells me that after all the recognition he’s gotten online over the past few weeks, that number is increasing quickly. I wouldn’t mind having a pair of pajamas like this for myself. Instead of children’s bedtime stories, the QR codes could be for other stories that adults like to read. Besides, I’ve always been a fan of the footy onesie design.

Interactive Kids Pajamas – Bedtime Stories Embedded Via QR Codes



Via: [Damn Geeky]