Invisible Screens On Your Gadgets – Technology Inspiration

Invisible screens on gadgets seem to be all the rage, have you noticed? People used to stare at them in awe, thinking the technology was possible, but now I think most people have figured out that it’s an optical illusion.

There is a tricky step-by-step photography process to follow in order to create an image, and then make it the wallpaper of your gadget. If you specifically place that gadget in a strategic position, and if you get the coloring exactly right, you will definitely be able to blow some people’s minds.

Richard wrote about this in more detail. You can check it out in his article called How To: Make an Invisible Wallpaper for Your Screen. If you watched Iron Man 2, you saw that technology being featured and wow, it was mouth-watering to say the least. I put a video below that shows a few clips from the movie if you missed it. I am very excited to see this technology become a reality someday. My dear friend, @tommytrc, found some fabulous pictures for us to drool over in the meantime. Enjoy!

[via environmentalgraffiti]