Apple’s iPad Mini Event Rains On The Windows 8 Parade

Leave it to Apple to schedule one of their media events just days before long-time rival Microsoft was to launch its revamped operating system, Windows 8, to the masses – thus raining on Microsoft’s first serious entry into the mobile device market. It was almost as if Apple was keen to remind people at the iPad Mini event that they created this market, and they are still the ones to deliver the best computing experience, whether it be mobile or desktop.

I’m hopeful for what Microsoft can deliver as Windows 8 looks very promising, and I believe they are the only ones to give Apple some real competition. Sorry Google, I’m no fan of Android and in the tablet space at least, it seems most consumers aren’t either, in spite of the Kindle Fire. And sorry to Apple too; I choose to use your products first but you guys need some real competition! Apple unveiled a number of new products this week, including the long rumored iPad Mini, which will no doubt be a big hit with those who felt the original iPad was too large for mobile content consumption such as reading and watching movies.

The iPad Mini will be a huge hit. Consumers have already taken to the likes of the Kindle Fire HD, Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, and the Barnes & Noble Nook, so it made sense for Apple to enter this market. However, the iPad Mini represents a departure from Apple’s usual design ethos. Why? On this occasion, Apple has delivered a product after listening to what the customers wanted first. Apple hardly ever does this, instead choosing to do whatever they want and be content when consumers follow them. Very curious indeed; will this be the start of a new phase at Apple? Tim Cook comes across much more as a collaborator than Steve Jobs ever did.

The retina display 13 inch MacBook Pro wasn’t a surprise. When the 15 inch version debuted earlier in the year, it was obvious that the entire MacBook Pro line-up would be heading down this path. What I found more interesting was the iMac refresh. The super thin display caught my attention immediately, and it is certainly a fantastic looking machine. I’m sure it performs spectacularly. Despite the odd bump or two here and there, Apple tends to deliver the goods in terms of performance.

However, the iMac hardware re-design reinforced my feeling that I’ll stick with my 2008 iMac for some time. The reason? The omission of the DVD super-drive. Although I hardly use DVDs or CDs any more, I’m still not ready to ditch them because I have so much of my work stored on disc and need the option to access them as needed. I guess in the future when I’ve transferred all of my old data to hard drives (at the very least!), I’ll upgrade to this new type of iMac. But then again, I’m not a serial upgrader. When I bought my 2008 iMac, I had no intention of buying another one for at least ten years. Aside from a fan replacement repair earlier this year, it’s still going strong and working beautifully. Unless it totally dies some time before 2018, it’ll still be good for my needs!

Apple appears to be going from strength to strength, even without their legendary founder Steve Jobs at the helm. There’s no doubt he would have been pleased with the iPad Mini event despite famously declaring a few years ago that the 7 inch tablet was pointless. Ready to fight in the other corner however is Microsoft. Their innovative tile design for Windows 8 and their capacity to deliver stable, dependable software products that people are familiar with will no doubt serve them well as they launch Windows 8 and enter the mobile device market place. Things are just starting to heat up in the world of mobile computing!

On The Heels Of The iPad Mini – Microsoft Releases Window 8


Image Credits: [Apple] [Business Week]