Final iPhone 5 Rumors RoundUp Before The Big Day [Infographic]

Assuming Apple releases a device called the iPhone 5 next month, will you be one of the people standing in line at the Apple Store to buy one? Up until recently, I’ve thought I wouldn’t. I’m so happy with my current iPhone, and I’m not ready to upgrade yet. But then I started hearing all the iPhone 5 rumors, and I changed my mind. If it really does have a bigger screen, a way better camera, a more powerful processor and more RAM then yes, I’m getting one the moment they are available. I can’t resist!

I imagine this release will be an extra important one for Apple. Although I’m sure Steve Jobs played a big role in the development of this device before he passed away, this will still be the release that cements in our minds whether or not Apple can continue to make us fall in love with their products without him around.

I wanted to share this infographic with you today not only because I’m excited to see what this new device is all about, but also because I think the infographic itself is beautiful and different from a design perspective. It’s called The New iPhone aka iPhone 5: The Final Rumors RoundUp, and it was created by the French Apple blog What they’ve done is go to the top 6 rumor blogs to compile the most popular iPhone 5 rumors and the percentages regarding how true they might be. They took all that data and put it here for your viewing pleasure.

The 6 sites that collaborated in this effort were Business Insider, Cult of Mac, iDownloadBlog, Apple Insider, BGR and of course their own blog, I guess soon enough we’ll find out which of these iPhone 5 rumors (if it’s even called an iPhone 5) are true. You can read the corresponding article (in French) courtesy of Google Translate here on You can also read the article on Forbes about it, which is where I originally spotted it. Just a couple more weeks, and we’ll know!

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Via: [Forbes]