Is Offshore Software Development Completely Risk-Free?

Demand for software outsourcing is on the rise, due to the rapid development of modern technology. However, not all countries have available for themselves a contingent of workers specialized in Information Technology but have to look to other countries to outsource. The countries entrusted with the task may be neighboring countries or countries on another remote continent.

Depending on the price, labor status, product quality … that businesses can choose a reliable offshore software company. However, any offshore software development project contains hidden risks or unreasonable disadvantages that can be overcome. The following article will tell you the necessary solutions for you to think about before embarking on a project.

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Why Conduct Offshore Software Development?

Andreessen-Horowitz once shared his opinion on software growth as follows: “Software is eating the world!”. This exclamation may seem ridiculous at first, because with only a relatively short development time – in less than two decades, the software can grow so much and have so much expansion power.

Since obviously, humanity today is heavily dependent on software. The software appears in hospitals, schools, airports, factories, farms, fishing ports … maybe at an international nuclear company, or maybe just applications. mobile application, web application in our daily life.

Through examples of the huge human need for software, we can see the important role software plays in today’s modern life. However, does ‘supply’ exceed ‘demand’? When a country has a too large potential for using software but has too small human resources, they will have to find appropriate offshore software development companies in other well-known software outsourcing countries – with a high level of science and technology and a team of skilled Developers, to bring their ideas and their technology wishes to become reality, bringing development opportunities for the business itself as well as its customers, and the opportunity to work for millions of software engineers.

Is Offshore Software Development Completely Risk-Free?

A common question is when a client is wondering whether to entrust all of his ideas, time and hopes to a team of engineers far from the continent.

And of course, the answer is YES. In fact, many problems arise from offshore software development hindering the product improvement process. In the following, I will list possible risks during offshore software development with tips or solutions to overcome them.

Communication Difficulty

If you are assigning jobs remotely by email or phone, important instructions are often missing, lost, or difficult to keep in a full sense when using online translation tools. That can cost you time, money, and serious trouble.

Encourage freelancers to ask more questions, both of which can prepare PowerPoint slides with clear illustrations or another possible way: pronounce words out and slow down your speaking speed.

Time Zone Difference

Geographic differences will result in differences in both time zones. For example, if the business is based in the Americas but works with a software outsourcing team in Asia, the business’s evening break will most likely fall into teamwork time or vice versa.

No matter how conflicting the working hours are, we will surely find a suitable time for a meeting. Make sure that both sides have found and agree on a suitable time frame to conduct a Scrum team meeting or, more simply, using messaging apps, communicating online is also a good idea.

Difficult To Control The Work Completion Process

Because you and the engineers are far from each other to a continent, an ocean … will surely arise problems with the completion of work and the results achieved in each given stage. On the other hand, you may not have full control over how those tasks are performed, but only the status of progress and tracking.

To be more secure about the progress and quality of the work, just maintain the Scrum team project meeting, clearly grasp the overall & detailed plan from the beginning. Also, at the end of each working day, it is also a good idea to ask developers to list completed work items.

Security Risks

When you decide to transfer internal business information to a partner, please ensure that the partner will keep the information completely confidential. In the current era of Big Data, you must be very careful when using customer data.

If you plan to outsource your projects, stick to the rules and comply with confidentiality right in the service agreement, and ask the provider to confirm and sign it. With such methods and methods, I hope you will be less anxious and focused on the work of the business.


Whether your project is an onshore, nearshore project, or offshore software outsourcing development, there are always good sides – bad sides, advantages – shortcomings that arise during the operation. Don’t expect perfect things to happen. All you should do is to prepare the team, plan well, and ensure each stage of implementation progress completely matches the original needs and requirements.

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