Getting Personal With The Jabra HALO2 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

“Where do I begin…” the opening lyrics to the soundtrack from Love Story suddenly seem very appropriate as I type this review surrounded by a comforting embrace that brings excitement, calm, drama, and above all total ‘coolness’ to my world at the touch of a button or swipe of my finger. I’m talking about the sound delivered from the all new WHITE HALO2 Bluetooth stereo headset from Jabra. They promised me something special and crikey they’ve delivered!

First let’s consider its looks. Jabra certainly got it right in terms of branding with the name. Halo is the perfect way to describe its presence: A cross between sporty and cool-celestial, the Halo’s sound is so pure it’s almost sinful – a dichotomy in itself! Then there’s the sound. Jabra promised a true virtual surround experience, and they don’t disappoint. From the deep ‘dark chocolate’ bass notes to the resonance and clarity of the treble and a mid-range that our high-end cinema system would turn green with envy at, Jabra has truly excelled themselves in delivering an exceptional sound experience with the HALO2.

Whether you’re listening to a jazz classic on your iPod or viewing the latest blockbuster on your iPad, just close your eyes for a moment and you’ll be transported to that smoky Paris Café or the big screen premier that the quality of sound conjures up. And now to the technicalities…Ease of use has always been a prime concern for me, and again, Jabra has fully embraced the ‘plug and play’ concept that all Bluetooth products should incorporate into their user experience (sadly many of them still don’t – but that’s best left for another post!).

You simply click the headset open to enter the pairing mode (a cool experience itself) and press/hold the Answer/End button until the indicator light is a solid blue (this took less than 4 seconds for me). Then just activate Bluetooth on your device and search for the HALO2. Press okay, enter the paring pin-code they provide and you’re good to go! Now just place the Halo2 over your head and adjust to fit simply by pulling down the earpieces until they snugly cocoon your ears. You can use the Answer/End button to pause tracks and videos, and you can adjust the volume with a suave swipe of the finger. It’s coolness to the factor of a billion and looks great with my white Apple iPad.

I could go on about the dual pairing options, the superb quality of the microphone and the ability to use the headset with non-Bluetooth devices thanks to its traditional headphone adaptor but honestly, you need to try this out for yourself to appreciate just how exceptional this product is. So if you’re in the market for a great headset then go on, treat yourself to a ‘White Hot’ Jabra HALO2 – you’ll definitely thank me for it! The Jabra HALO2 Bluetooth Stereo Headset in white isn’t widely available yet, but if you can’t wait, you can purchase a black one here on Amazon.

The Jabra HALO2 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

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