Jonathan Ramaci Explains The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence In Daily Life

In the past, a phenomenon that made our lives more convenient would have been considered a miracle. Today, it’s called technology — devices that are designed with algorithms to aid in all facets of our everyday lives. In fact, one such technology that has taken a prominent place in our present lives is artificial intelligence (AI).

It may be easy to assume that artificial intelligence is only something that the big tech companies focus on and that it doesn’t have any impact on our everyday lives. However, in actuality, most of us encounter AI daily, from morning until night.

Is this surprising? Perhaps. But that’s because most people don’t realize how they encounter artificial intelligence every day. So, how important is AI in daily life? And, how prominent is it?

Jonathan Ramaci of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, is a tech entrepreneur and CEO of Wellnest, a company that uses voice technology to better the lives of seniors receiving healthcare. He provides an overview of what artificial intelligence is, explains the importance of AI and how it affects our everyday lives, and shares five ways artificial intelligence impacts our everyday lives — whether we are aware of it or not.

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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is demonstrated by the resourceful ability of a machine to simulate human behavior and their routine response patterns. Enabled through particular algorithms that assist the AI to function in a specified range of activities, such technology allows several of our everyday behaviors to be mimicked with programmed machine learning.

In the past, artificial intelligence was considered a figment of the imagination of science, however, this type of technology is now paving its way to establishing itself more prominently it our daily lives, suggests Jonathan Ramaci.

Artificial Intelligence is now all-pervasive. From ministering weather forecasts, recommending shows on our favorite streaming apps, filtering spam emails, enabling search predictions in web searches, and voice recognition, artificial intelligence is everywhere.

How AI Technology Influences Our Daily Life

AI technology streamlines and improves many day-to-day processes, allowing us to accomplish more in less time. Jonathan Ramaci shares five ways AI has proven effectiveness in our daily lives.

Social Media

Today, social media is our prominent source of information and connection. Think about it; we check our social media feeds to get updated on what happened overnight. And while we know that technology is helping us stay connected to real-time information, we may not know that it’s actually artificial intelligence working behind the scenes to personalize what we see on our feeds (because it’s learned what types of posts most resonate with us best).

We can also thank artificial intelligence for figuring out new friend suggestions, identifying and filtering out misleading information, and most recently, for it working to prevent cyber-bullying.

Web Searches And Predictive Purchasing

Searching the web is something that we do daily and even multiple times per day, notes Jonathan Ramaci. Search engines wouldn’t have the ability to scan the entire Internet and deliver what we want in seconds without the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Additionally, AI is making itself known in the online shopping world with predictive purchasing. Have you ever noticed an online advertisement that’s followed you around? Believe it or not, those are also enabled by AI to provide personalized information to us that are based on our search history. The goal here is to get our attention with items the algorithms believe we will see value in, and eventually, want to purchase.

Voice Technology

Digital voice assistants are quickly becoming our must-have co-pilots and we can thank rise of voice improvements in artificial intelligence and natural linguistic programming (NLP) that have turned voice technology into such a useful tool. From getting directions to your evening outing to inquiring about the weather for your day trip getaway, digital voice assistants have made an impactful difference in our everyday lives.

Additionally, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana are prime examples of digital voice assistants that help us perform various tasks, from checking our schedules and searching for something on the web, to sending commands to another app. AI is a vital component of how these apps work because they learn from every single user interaction.

Facial Recognition

What is the first thing you do every morning? Chances are you’ll say that you reach for your smartphone. Did you know that when your mobile device gets unlocked using facial recognition, it’s actually using artificial intelligence to enable that functionality?

For example, Apple’s FaceID can see in 3D, lighting up your face and placing 30,000 invisible infrared dots on it to capture the image. Once it’s captured the facial recognition, it will then use machine-learning algorithms to compare the scan of your face with the information it has stored to determine if the person trying to unlock the phone is you.

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare

Our overall health and well-being can be improved through the implementation of AI technologies — and we’re seeing it benefit the lives of healthcare workers, doctors, researchers, and patients every day. For example, Jonathan Ramaci’s Mount Pleasant-based company, Wellnest, developed an AI device that uses voice technology to better the lives of seniors receiving healthcare.

Other ways artificial intelligence has been used in healthcare include AI-assisted robotic surgery, clinical judgment or diagnosis, precision medicine, and drug discovery and research

Jonathan Ramaci On Artificial Intelligence Shaping The New Normal

As illustrated, our lives are impacted by artificial intelligence on a daily basis and we’ll only continue to see a rise in AI tech innovations in 2021 and beyond. So, if you have reservations about the use of artificial intelligence, it may be reassuring to know that most of us have been using AI on a daily basis — and for many years!

At every level, artificial intelligence is shaping the new normal. From our healthcare to our daily activities, systems, and processes, AI technology is evolving, improving our lives for the better, notes Jonathan Ramaci.

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