Tips To Keep Your Laptop Running Smoothly So It Lasts Longer [Video]

Do you know what the lifespan of a laptop is? I asked 2 people in IT that question this morning, and I got 2 very different answers. I suppose the most accurate answer is “it depends” since there are several factors that can influence how long you will be able to keep your laptop running smoothly. According to the video below, 4 years seems to be a good benchmark. According to an article published on The Guardian in January called What Is The Lifespan Of A Laptop?, 5 years seems to be the average lifespan.

I’m sure whether you have a Macbook or a PC laptop will also change the lifespan which you could expect. Regardless of all that, we are a mobile society, and you most likely want to keep your laptop running in tip top shape for as long as possible.

This article on College Hacks called Tips For Keeping Your Laptop Optimal points out 3 very important things you can do to keep your laptop very happy for longer than you may expect. They are all described in this one-minute video below.

It all boils down to keeping it cool, using just 30% – 60% of your memory if possible, and taking good care of the battery. I know from experience that keeping my laptop cool is a challenge since I use it while it’s sitting on my lap a lot (bad habit). Maybe I should implement the solution that the guy in the picture below did. Not a bad idea, right? Nah, there are laptop pillows you can buy which will keep your laptop cool while it sits on your lap. You can click over to Laptop Pillows on Amazon if you want to can see what they look like. I still have my iBook from 10 years ago, and it works, so I know it’s possible to keep your laptop going with a little bit of luck and a lot of TLC.

Tips To Keep Your Laptop Running Smoothly So It Lasts Longer


That’s One Way To Keep Your Laptop Cool


Via: [Hack College] Image Credit: [xbit Labs Forum]