Could Laptop-Smartphone Hybrids Affect Networks?

Technology has advanced quite significantly in the last decade or so. From those advances, it is the smartphone that has seen the biggest changes. So much so, that the smartphone has now overtaken the laptop as the main device by which we connect to the Internet.

This is all thanks to the way in which the modern smartphone has vastly improved its features. From storage capacity to better processor power, the result is faster connections and the ability to perform even more tasks than ever before. When you compare the recent models to those of even five years ago, then the difference is astonishing.

But this then produces another question that IT managers need to try to answer: could these new smartphones ultimately affect the way in which our networks operate?

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The Future Of The Smartphone

We went through a phase where phones were getting smaller, but now the opposite is true. Screen size and capabilities are increasing constantly, and our smartphones can now almost replicate our laptop.

With 4G and 5G, the future appears to be a time where we are almost permanently attached to our smartphones. While this may sound like a good move to some, there are a series of discussions as to how these new smartphones are going to affect cellular networks.

The Cellular Network And Technology

When the cellphone first emerged, cellular networks could handle the calls and then texts without any problems. They were even able to cope when technology evolved and the Internet appeared on our phones.

However, things are different now, and the networks must take this into consideration.

The amount of data being sent via these networks has exploded. At the end of 2017, eight exabytes of data was being produced daily which is a 400% increase on a few years earlier. The frightening part is that this figure continues to rise.

We want faster connections and better coverage at all times. It’s no surprise that this puts pressure on the networks. Cellphone companies paid a lot of money for the development of 4G in order to help their customers, but it’s still not enough.

This has led to these networks having to expand on their capabilities to keep up with demand. As our smartphones continue to be capable of doing more things, such as downloading casino online news, and we spend more time on them, then these networks must keep up. A failure to do so is simply not an option in this case.

Look at the way in which phone companies are telling us how 5G when it comes, will be bigger and better than anything else. They know that it’s worth investing the time and money into developing 5G because of our insatiable demand. We want better connections, live streaming, and improved functions via our smartphone, so it’s not going to die.

Where Is It All Heading?

We have already reached a turning point where smartphones are used more than laptops. In fact, it will only head in one direction with smartphones and tablets continuing to take over.

It won’t be the case that laptops will die out, but this technology will certainly make a dent in its popularity. As our download speeds and more elaborate apps are created, it will prove to be difficult for people to switch back to their laptops, and cellphone companies are well aware of this. It could be argued that they are excited by it.

Remember that companies that manage cellular networks will be quite happy with these changes in usage as it takes away some of the power from the more traditional ISP. The future is rather rosy for them as long as they are able to deliver what the customer wants.

Overall, there is no doubt that this hybrid will change cellular networks. The sheer amount of data that they will be requested to carry on a daily basis makes this inevitable. Our smartphones are going nowhere fast. As we continue to become more attached to them, we make the networks richer and they are only too happy to deliver everything that we need to encourage us further.

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