Link-Building Europe – Effectively Managing A Multi-Country Strategy

Link-building Europe can pose more difficulties than having a single-country focus. Throughout Europe, languages, and cultures differ. Having an effective strategy for this does not merely mean replicating content in different languages. Besides the language itself, the way it is spoken differs. Something that has even more impact on your link building strategy: the way the search is different.

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How Europeans Tend To Search Differently

Search behavior is a crucial driver for linkbuilding in Europe. While some countries tend to use only keywords in their search, others seek with whole sentences. When writing content for link building purposes, start with choosing your keywords carefully. One tool that can be used is the Keyword Planner that is part of Google AdWords. Here, you can search for keywords, and Google will show you where the users in a geographic area are looking for.

This is perfect as a start for link building in Europe. For example, multiple countries speak German. However, their search behavior can be different, even within Germany itself! By looking at the geographical area, you can optimize your content for specific target markets you want to focus on.

When You Have The Keywords Ready

Once you know which keywords you want to use, you can decide how you want to address them. In a geographical area where long-tail keywords (i.e., whole sentences) are used, you can emphasize these in your article. To balance your link building strategy, you can also use both long and short-tail keywords. Now it is time to get your pen flowing and write that content!

How To Write In All These Languages?

If you want to head-off in a market that uses a different language than you do, we recommend working together with an agency or local. The usage of words and sentences might differ from what you are used to; this will be visible to the user. Besides the article not being seen as genuinely from the regio, search engines can increasingly pick this up as well.

Another example can be found in The Netherlands and Belgium. Both regions can speak Dutch, but the usage of sentences and words varies. If you want to score well with your content, you need to use either a Dutch or a Belgian content writer or agency to help you out.

Expanding To Other European Countries

Moving to other countries might come with a significant investment if you take into account content and optimization. Therefore, we recommend thinking seriously about your target markets when focusing on Europe.

Make a proper analysis and look at the target audience you have in a region. An outcome could be the focus on English-speaking natives. Hereby, you can easily cover larger geographical areas with your website. This will also reduce the costs of content writing, as you can use the article across geographic areas.

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