What To Look For In Your First Vape Tank

If you’ve been vaping a while and are looking to move onto a more advanced set-up, there are a few things to consider. You have a few options with advanced vaping set-ups. The first is to buy a kit with both a mod and tank included, ready to vape out of the box.

The second option, which can give you a more customized experience, is to choose a mod and tank of your own. This way you can choose a mod from one brand and a tank from another to get exactly the results (and appearance) you’d like.

Settling on a mod largely comes down to aesthetics and how much power you want behind it. Many mods will be able to give you up to at least 80 watts of power, which is typically more than enough for someone getting into advanced vaping. After that, you need to choose your tank.

The tank is the part of your vaping set-up that will really make or break your experience so choosing the right one according to what you want to get out of it is important. There are a few things to look at when making your selection, we’ve covered them here and we’ll also make our best tank recommendation later on.

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The Coil Resistance And Power Required

The coil is the piece in your tank that heats up and actually evaporates your e-liquid so you can inhale it. Some coils are larger than others, they can be made with different metals and require more or less power. Too much power and you risk burning it out, too little and the flavor and vapor payoff can be poor.

If your mod can only go up to 50 watts but your coil needs 55 watts or more to work properly, it won’t be a good option for you. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to check whether your mod and tank are compatible. If you’re buying a tank online, they’ll usually list the coil resistance as well as a guide for wattage requirements. Most will have a range – say between 40 and 80 watts, with an ideal point between that will give you the best results, like between 55 and 70 watts. If you forget, once you’ve got your tank in your hands most coils also have it engraved on the metal too.

Tank Capacity And Whether You Can Upgrade The Glass

Depending on where you are in the world, your tank capacity may be limited or vary somewhat. In Europe and the UK, the maximum tank size you can get is 2mls due to European Union TPD laws. However, you can often get expanded glasses to increase the overall capacity.

If you’re in the states there isn’t a tank limit but the same expanded option often applies to tanks there too. Generally speaking you’ll be able to get 3 to 4mls e-liquid capacity as standard with the option to take it as high as 5 or even 9mls.

While this does make the tank bigger overall the benefit of it is that you won’t need to refill it as often and the coil will stay saturated for longer. If you take your vape out with you, you won’t necessarily need to take e-liquid in your bag or pocket as well because your tank will hold enough to keep you going.

Finer Details You’ll Want To Check

  • Adjustable airflow. This one is pretty standard in most Sub Ohm tanks but being able to control how much air passes over the coil will affect your vaping experience so is a useful feature to have. When you can close it down, you’ll get more flavor and a warmer vape. Open airflow will allow more air to pass over the coil, making it a cooler inhale with bigger clouds.
  • Whether it’ll connect to your mod. A 510 connector pin is an almost universal standard across vape tech these days, it’s the peg that sticks out from the tank to screw into the top of your mod. Making sure both parts of your setup have it will mean once you’ve purchased both, you can actually fit them together and use them.
  • Changeable drip tips. Not just for aesthetics, the drip tip will help with how much airflow you get through your tank as much as the airflow does. A wider drip tip like an 810 option will give you bigger clouds. A 510 drip tip will narrow the vapor slightly, making it more flavorful (but you’ll still get plenty of vapor with this one too). Some tanks come with two options or an adapter so you can change them out.
  • The diameter. Another small detail that’s important to look at is whether it’ll fit on your mod of choice or not. If the connectors match, you know they’ll fit together but generally you’ll want your tank to be no wider than your mod. If you knock it over when the tank is too large you’re more likely to crack the glass.

Our Recommendation – The Aspire Cleito

There are a few tanks that have stood the test of time, with people repurchasing them time and again or brands trying to replicate their success. One such tank is the Aspire Cleito. It ticks all the boxes, making it an ideal option when you’re purchasing a tank for the first time.

With a 22 mm diameter and a universal 510 connectors it’ll attach to any standard mod without overhang. If the 2ml original version isn’t enough, there’s also a 5ml expanded glass available as an upgrade. As far as usability goes, at the base of the tank there’s adjustable airflow and up top there’s a wide bore drip tip making it a great choice for enhancing your vapor.

There are two standard coils that go with the Cleito, a 0.2ohm option and a 0.4ohm option, the former is slightly more optimal for clouds and the latter is better for flavor. When it comes to wattage, the range required by the coils is between 40 and 70 watts maximum, perfectly reasonable for most mods.

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