What To Look For In A 3D Printer

3D printing is a new, incredible and precious technology and hence the demand for the printer keeps on increasing. Therefore, it is crucial for every 3D printer buyer to know what exactly to consider when deciding on the printer to purchase. However, this is based on the purpose of the 3D printer, i.e., is it for model making, prototyping, manufacturing, and medical or beyond. Some of the critical things include cost, speed, and resolution, but what do these terms mean and why should you consider them? This article aims at making your buying process easy. We will help you to make an informed decision and save you cash.

This guide will provide details on the things to look for in a 3D printer before making any purchase.

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When it comes to speed it all depends on what you expect from your end products. For instance, faster printers end up saving time; however, they result to lower output quality. Hence it is advisable not to opt for the faster printing printers without a look at their end products. Something to note is that once you know the parts that you do plan to print, then you can be able to determine the best print speeds that will meet your needs.

Generally, if you want high-quality products and larger objects go for a slower printer for it to capture every detail. 3D printing requires patience as the completion time depends on the size and the complexity of your object and if you want high quality you need to wait, but the output is worth the wait.

Long Term Goals

Before making any purchase, you should think through what are your long term goals. You won’t want to purchase a small budget 3D desktop printer if you have big ambitions for the future. Similarly, you do not wish to buy a two-seat car if you are planning to have a family soon. Hence, if you are expecting to print bigger and design better things then go for a larger print that would meet both your current needs and future needs once you expand.


The resolution entirely depends on the kind of object that you want to print. In case you want items with fine detail, precision and unmatched surface finish you need a print with the high-resolution. However, if your output is larger scale you may not require high resolution as those items do not demand fine of details. Something to note is that using a high-resolution printer on larger objects, maybe lead to waste of resources and time.


There are very many 3D printers in the market, which go for different prices. It is advisable to be keen with the price having in mind that one printer may be expensive and another affordable and they all have the same qualities. The only difference is the company. A high priced device does not indicate that it’s high quality. Hence, you should know what you want to print and the expectations.

Additionally, you should look at the extra costs that some printers have like expensive materials, maintenance costs on top of their high priced device to ensure that you do not always have to spend even after purchasing for things that you can do yourself. You can also view io3dprint.com to learn about the different 3D printers and their prices. Additionally, you can get reviews on the different printers that indicate their specification, pros, and cons to also make your purchase process easy. The aim is to ensure that you spend your money wisely without any future regrets.

Places You Buy the Printer

Nowadays you can purchase a 3D printer from online sites like eBay, Amazon among others. However, before purchasing write down what you expect and then look at them online. You can also read reviews and after familiarizing yourself with the different models and prices, shortlist the various 3D printers that meet your expectations and then go shopping for them. For first time buyers, you can always go for a new model, as you will get a warrant in that you can return it if it’s not working. You can also opt for a second-hand printer though it can be a bit risky since you are not sure of how to use the machine has had. You can also ask for a demo before purchasing to see if the output is what you want.

When going to purchase a printer, you should have in mind that the printer you buy can produce what you want and at the quality that you expect. Additionally, your printer should have the capabilities of printing the things you hope to print in the future. Once you put all these things into practice, then your money will be well spent and your needs will be met.

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