Make WiseStart Your Home Page

In one sentence, WiseStart is the simplest place to quickly find what you are looking for without sieving through irrelevant search results.

The core of WiseStart is to help you navigate through the  Internet landscape in the most simple and user friendly interface, a visual one. Logos enable you to make a direct and immediate connection to the a website. We live in a branded world and our connection to it is through their association with logos.
They created WiseStart while thinking about how to make the Internet easier for you.  They believe that just like them, you find the Internet to be from time to time a little bit like a jungle. The Internet is growing everyday and it’s becoming more and more complex to reach important websites. All of us use different methods to get to our target destination, from sophisticated search engines to endless bookmarks, but still the Internet is lacking those big green traffic signs that direct you to the big city, or in their  case to the big website.