MondlyWORKS – A Cloud-Based Language Learning Platform For Businesses [Review]

Because of the Internet, the geographical boundaries that ones prevented businesses from operating on a global scale has long since disappeared. While living thousands of miles apart from each other, professionals can still do business, Co-Found companies, run organizations — a development that led to an untold number of career and business opportunities.

A barrier that isn’t easily overcome, however, is the difference in language. Depending on the company representative’s proficiency in speaking another language, they can very well secure six to seven-figure deals from clients abroad — something that a company who doesn’t have a multi-lingual employee would be hard-pressed to accomplish.

From another angle, a company who can’t convey their ideas accurately to its international clients also risk losing millions of dollars worth of contracts. Now more than ever, the global economy gives an unfair advantage over to businesses with multi-lingual employees than those who do not. That is why cloud-based learning apps like MondlyWORKS is crucial for the growth of companies who operate on a global scale.

About Mondly And MondlyWORKS

MondlyWORKS is a digital environment platform for managers. The SaaS platform allows businesses to teach their employees new languages while in their work environment. The app is developed by Mondly, an EdTech company based in Brașov, Romania. The company develops freemium language learning platforms with paid and free courses for 33 languages. Some of the previous platforms that Mondly released are MondlyKids, MondlyVR, and MondlyAR.

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MondlyWORKS Dashboard For Administrators

Since MondlyWORKS is a cloud-based platform, the company manager can monitor their employees’ language learning progress as an administrator through a web browser by logging in to This is how the administrator’s dashboard looks.

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Mondly’s dashboard is intuitive and uncomplicated. The labels used are easy to understand and leaves no room for confusion. This shortens the learning curve of the administrators when using the platform.

Sending Invites

For the administrators to add employees into the MondlyWORKS platform, he/she just needs to click the “+” button on the top part of the page, add the employee’s email address, and send the invite.

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Progress Details Of Your Team

From the dashboard, there are several key data points that the manager can view from the panel:

  • The language/s the employees are learning
  • The employee’s points
  • Streak
  • Learning Time
  • Finished Lessons
  • Words Learned
  • Team
  • And the time the employee was last active.

With these pertinent details, the administrator would be able to determine if their employees are spending ample time learning the language that’s been assigned to them, or if they need a bit more push/encouragement to embrace the language lessons.

User Details

The insights you can get from the user details gives you a better grasp of how learned specific users are in the new language, and how active they are in their training.

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If you’d like to know who among your team members have a high level of mastery for certain languages, then you can look into their user details.

Creating Teams

Administrators can create teams, so they can group users based on the nationalities their users are set to collaborate with. For example, if your social media team is working with clients from Japan, you can create a group called “Social Media Team – Japanese.”

And if your content marketing team is dealing with people from Vietnam, you can create a group called “Content Marketing Team – Vietnamese.”

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When you strategically compartmentalize your users by creating teams, you’ll have a better way of tracking how your group is performing overall.

Account Settings

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From the Account Settings page, you can set up your branding. You can change your color theme, add your logo, change the language displayed, etc.

Mondly Mobile App For Employees

Unlike the administrators, the employees won’t have to log into the cloud-based MondlyWORKS. To access the training materials, they just need to download the regular Mondly app into their smartphones, sign up, and choose the language they want to learn.

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Once they’ve chosen a language, they can now select a category, so they can start their lessons. Important note: The employee should share with the administrator the email address that he/she is used during the sign up process. The same email address will be used by the admin to send the invite through MondlyWORKS. These are some of Mondly’s categories and courses. (There are over 30 categories showing in the Mondly mobile app.)

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Aside from what’s shown in the Categories page, Mondly has several more courses that you can view if you click the graduation hat icon on the upper right part of the page. The additional courses shown are Flight Attendant, Restaurant Staff, Hotel Receptionist, Healthcare Professionals, and Shop Assistant.

Here Are Some Samples Of Mondly’s Lessons

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Mondly even has a “Statistics” functionality so your employees can assess how they’re doing with their training.

If Your Account Is Newly-Created, Your Statistics Page Will Look Like This

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As you can see in the Statistics page, your team would be able to see the number of minutes they spent studying, their number of words, the days in a row that they studied, and also their daily progress (among other things). These are just some of the crucial functionalities that Mondly has to help make the learning process of your team more productive.

Use Cases Of Training Your Employees To Learn New Languages

To dive a bit deeper on why you should invest in training your employees to learn new languages, here are some use cases that you can consider:

  1. Better team collaboration with international employees: It isn’t uncommon for companies to hire immigrants. In such scenarios, the language barrier between the employees who speak a foreign language and the company can cause unnecessary hiccups in the business process — which can lead to costly firefighting. In this scenario, the foreign workers (who are minorities) can learn the native language used by the employees of the company. The company can help by adding the foreign workforce in the MondlyWORKS platform.
  2. Better Recruitment: Some companies back down from hiring a qualified and skilled applicant if the applicant isn’t proficient in speaking the native language. In this case, the company would miss out on the opportunity of hiring a skilled applicant — which would have yielded unmeasurable positive results for the company — just because the applicant isn’t fluent enough in speaking the native language. With the help of MondlyWORKS, however, the recruiters can be confident that the language barrier isn’t going to be a real problem since the managers can add the new hire in the MondlyWORKS platform.
  3. Build your relationship with your foreign workforce and clients: Being able to speak with a person in their native language allows for better relationship building — whether the relationship you’re building is with your foreign clients or employees. When you can speak in a person’s native tongue, they can “loosen up” since they won’t have to be on guard for fear of misunderstanding you and causing unnecessary conflicts. When you have multi-lingual employees, communication doesn’t become a problem.


Having a team of multi-lingual employees is an undeniable asset for companies. Not only do they open their doors to projects from foreign countries, but they can also leverage international talents better. With the help of MondlyWORKS, companies can better monitor and support their employees’ language learning process. This, in turn, will yield positive results for the company in the long run.

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