You might be wondering what this contraption is, well its called the Monsterpod! What is it you might ask?

MonsterPod™ is the most amazing, most universal, revolutionary camera tripod on planet earth!

The MonsterPod™ will mold, grip, stick and firmly adhere to nearly any surface as it holds your camera motionless, temporarily, until you peel it off.

MonsterPod™ sticks to a 1,000 objects and counting! It molds, grips and sticks to metal, wood, plastic, veneer, marble, cement, steel, brick, glass, tile, enamel, sheet rock, rocks and trees! If the object is irregular in shape you simply mold the base with your fingers until it conforms to the shape.

The MonsterPod™ has no telescoping legs, clamps, beans, straps, glue, or suction cups, not even magic.

Instead, the MonsterPod™ sticks to surfaces via a patent pending “viscoelastic morphing polymer.”!!!