More Applications to Share Your Photos Online!

Photos are the most shared online.  Whether you own a Flickr or Picassa account or you do it via Twitter or Facebook.  Here are some applications that will enable you to share your photos with friends and family online.

1.  Pixable – With this tool, you can create a photobook in under 5 minutes.  The application will cost you US$7.95 to have your ordered photobook printed and delivered to you in 3 days.   They have layouts that you can use to design and personalize and you can use the pictures you already have stored in your social networking site albums.

2. Zoto 3.0 –   An application that safely secures your photos online.  Lets you share your photos, unlimited storage and the best part is that it allows you to edit and create your photo albums.

3.  Flick to Twitt –  If you are the type who after you uploaded your pictures on Flickr would love to share the news to the  Twitter community then this is the application for you.  No need to register, just use your Twitter account to log in and you can Tweet and share all you want.

4.  Expono –  The application boasts of unlimited storage.  You can use the site as your online back up – Using as your backup storage keeps them organized and prevents you from storing duplicates. And you can log in from anywhere to show them off. Your photos are kept in their original format and size, unmodified.  Plus there is no need to use photoshop as it has a built in editor, pilxr.

5. Photosnack – The tool allows you to create high quality slide show and photo albums to share with family and friends for Free!  It is simple too.  Just upload your photo, and then choose a slideshow template and then share.

The tools are simple to use and can easily be shared via your favorite social networking sites.  Enjoy!