Morphware – The Future Internet Physical Download Solution

It has long been the holy grail of Internet transformation, and so far no one has cracked the secret except on paper. The technology we have today is simply just not there yet they say. Maybe within a hundred years (give or take a decade) we might have this wonderful idea in true form. However, nobody wants to wait that long. We’ve created computers faster than anyone could have ever imagined, and that was in less than 30 years.

One of the true pioneers in this field is designer Nick Smigielski who certainly is not going to wait around in the shadows for someone else to define what will be the biggest Internet success since… well the Internet. Usually people are talking about nanotechnology and how it will redefine the way we do our everyday Internet shopping as so forth. Nick has another idea… and this one is actually possible to realize today. It’s called “Morphware Plate“.

Once again we see that simple is the winner in any business. When people start to complicate things, they usually go wrong and ideas shatter with the slightest breath of air. Nick’s way of doing it is to use a liquid piezoelectric polymer that will rearrange itself with the blueprints inside a slight “charge.” Will it work? Well, I certainly hope so! This way we can actually download physical things (or rather the blueprint for them) straight from the Internet. Ahh, the wonderful uses of the Internet. Now let’s check out McDonald’s… hmm…