The Most Expensive iPhone 5 In The World Is Dripping In Diamonds

About a month ago, we featured the 16 Most Expensive iPhone Apps. I was shocked to learn that there are several apps in the App Store that cost $999.99. I can’t imagine ever spending that much money on an app. It got me wondering about how much the most expensive iPhone costs. Surely there is an iPhone out there that costs a million dollars, right? My research on this topic led me to an iPhone 5 that costs way more than just one million dollars.

Most people I know are more interested in selling their diamonds to support their ‘early adopter’ technology lifestyle than spending money on diamonds. These days, it’s much easier to sell your diamonds than you may think. There are websites you can go to that will tell you exactly what your diamonds are worth. One I found that has an easy to navigate menu for this is WP Diamonds. Whether you have a diamond ring, diamond jewelry or loose diamonds, their chart can help you determine the value.

Back to the most expensive iPhone 5 in the world…it costs 15 million dollars! Before you start gagging, let me explain why it’s so expensive. This iPhone 5 is pimped out by Stuart Hughes, a famous designer of extravagant electronics. The phone has one single diamond on it that’s worth 14.5 million dollars, plus it’s dripping in other diamonds. According to ABC News:

“The phone has a solid gold chassis that Hughes crafted by hand. But the real cost comes from the most expensive home button in the world. That home button is made of a single, deep-cut, black diamond that weighs 26 carats. The diamond is said to be worth $14.5 million. And the diamonds don’t end there. There are 600 white, flawless diamonds located within the Apple logo on the back and on the edges.”

In addition to all that, there are 53 additional white diamonds gracing this iPhone 5. If you want to purchase this badboy, you can click over on the Stuart Hughes website above. I’m assuming it hasn’t sold since it’s still for sale on the website. I wonder if the designer will take all those diamonds off and put them on an iPhone 5S instead. I can’t imagine anyone would pay that kind of money for 2012 technology regardless of how many diamonds it has on it. Just saying.

The Most Expensive iPhone 5 In The World

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