Must Have Accessories for iPhone

When you have purchased your iPhone, its a must to make sure that you do make the most out of your gadget. The best part of being an apple geek is that you will really find new and awesome gadgets to boost your experience.  Found some must have accessories that i’d like to share with you.   The DLO VentMount allows you to position iPhone in your car for hands-free access – especially convenient for drivers with bluetooth headsets. You can easily rotate VentMount vertically or horizontally for quick-glance viewing of coverflow, maps and driving directions.


Another one is the Trans Dock Micro with Intellitune Technology. Enjoy your iPhone over your car stereo with this smart little TransDock micro. Thanks to DLO IntelliTune technology, finding an open FM frequency is easier than ever – with one click, TransDock micro finds the ideal station for transmitting your iPhone or iPod over your car’s FM radio.TransDock micro for iPhone is shielded against mobile phone interference for clear iPhone playback in the car. It works by broadcasting to an open FM radio frequency between 88.1 to 107.9 – and with IntelliTune technology, you can scan for these open FM frequencies automatically with a push of a button. Once IntelliTune finds a frequency, simply tune your radio to the frequency displayed on the TransDock micro.

speakers_iphoneAnother cool accessory is the Compact and ready for travel, the DLO Portable Speakers for iPhone let you enjoy your music and videos in stereo sound without any threat of mobile phone interference. Featuring an extra-wide sound stage and bass vents for delivering powerful sound, these small speakers pack a powerful punch.  The removable, rotating stand holds the iPhone upright or horizontally for the ideal portable movie-viewing experience. Plus, you don’t have to disconnect your iPhone if a call comes in – the Portable Speakers simply turn into your iPhone into a speaker phone! So while iPhone is connected, you can take and place calls as usual, without any disruption.