150 Million MyFitnessPal Accounts Breached, Says Under Armour

At the end of March 2018, Under Armour Inc officials announced that approximately 150 million MyFitnessPal app accounts were compromised over the course of the month of February. The act is one of the most dangerous and sizeable hacks in the history of mobile app development, and it resulted in a drop of about 3% in market shares for the American brand.

If you’re wondering what connection there is between the fitness and health app and the American apparel manufacturer, we’ll tell you. Under Armour bought the application back in 2015 for a sum of $475 million. The American manufacturer makes anything from clothing to accessories, although it has not delved into the realm of fishing gadgets.

Over the course of more than a decade, MyFitnessPal has gathered over eighty million registered users and together with the user base of Under Armour, it surpassed one hundred million.

Also in 2015, UA acquired a fitness-tracking app named Endomondo that was highly popular in Europe, having been crafted in Copenhagen, Denmark. For the time being, there have been no breaches or personal data threats for Endomondo users.

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What Does The MyFitnessPal Breach Mean?

In a nutshell, the data that was stolen from the users’ mobile devices consisted of names, email addresses, as well as scrambled passwords.

There were no reports to date that might suggest that social security numbers or payment card data might have been compromised. In fact, the MyFitnessPal app official website, along with the Under Armor one, claim that this kind of data is safe from harm.

Why Is The Breach One Of The Biggest Hacks Ever To Have Happened?

Some sources suggest that the event is one of the biggest hacks in the history of time and that it is, in fact, one of the top five security breaches ever to have occurred.

Two larger hacks were the 3-billion Yahoo accounts that were compromised back in 2013. Another 412 million user accounts made on adult websites were affected by a hack in 2016, according to the notifications sent out by FriendFinder Networks Inc.

How Is It Being Handled?

Based on the information that we have gathered on the topic, it appears that Under Armour now working both with law enforcement and with several data security companies so as to make sure that the hackers are punished, and the data is retrieved before it gets away. There have been no details provided as to how the hackers managed to breach Under Armour’s network, however. Furthermore, UA officials have made no comments regarding how the act was possible without the hackers being caught while doing it.

The brand is asking all MyFitnessPal users to change their passwords as soon as possible. Since Under Armour began notifying the app users four days after the incident took place, some of the data might have been leaked already. That is the reason why it’s paramount that MyFitnessPal users change their login and email information as soon as they can.

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