New Energy-Saving Rapid Cooling Tech Chills Drinks In 45 Seconds

You are probably familiar with the old trick to chill a beverage in two minutes. It’s the one where you fill a bowl with ice, then add water, then add a bunch of salt. When you put the can of soda or beer in the bowl and spin it around really fast with your fingers, it chills the liquid on the inside of the can really fast. Now there is a new technology that takes that concept and supersizes it beyond what anyone has done before, and it will chill a canned drink in only 45 seconds.

In that old trick, when you add salt to the water, you change the viscosity of the water. I’m no chemist, but there is something about swiftly swirling a canned beverage in a viscous fluid that changes its temperature. This new technology is based on a Rankine vortex. A Rankine vortex is a type of vortex in a viscous fluid. You can Google that sucker for the ‘official definition.’

The Rankin vortex has now been patented as V-Tex. This rapid cooling system has uses at home and commercially. Just think about the row of chilled beers at the grocery store. It’s an entire aisle in the store that has to remain chilled at all times, even when nobody needs those drinks to be chilled.

With this new system, all that energy could be saved since those drinks could be chilled in seconds when they need to be cold, which would be right before someone buys them. It would instantly make those huge energy-sucking refrigerators obsolete. The contraption that chills drinks so fast is called Enrivo-Cool. Kelvin Hall, founder of Enviro-Cool said:

“We’re proud to be contributing to the reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions by developing a game-changing technology and look forward to continuing to develop the product for commercial and domestic use.”

Only time will tell if this new technology will replace the existing, expensive, high energy use equipment that chills drinks, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Just think – no more sticking a room temperature soda in the freezer and then accidentally forgetting about it. I could really use one of these contraptions in my house right now.

Energy-Saving Rapid Cooling Tech Chills Drinks In 45 Seconds


Via: [Dvice] [FoodBev]