New Research: What Do Millennials Really Want From Mobile Apps? [Infographic]

When it comes to building mobile apps, I’m sure you have a rough idea of what makes a good one. We’ve all had experiences with apps we love and would gladly cough up money for…and apps we wish we had never downloaded, to begin with.

As CEO of the mobile app agency MindSea, I’ve seen our team help brands and startups from around the world turn app ideas into realities. [pullquote]One of the most frequently discussed challenges — and opportunities! — in the mobile market is building apps that capture the attention of millennials and keep it long-term.[/pullquote] Brands of all shapes and sizes are desperate to create mobile apps that millennials want.

And with good reason.

In the last few years, millennials have evolved from a trendy target audience into an economic and commercial force. It’s estimated that millennials will be spending $200 billion annually by 2017 and over $10 trillion over their lifetimes — in the U.S. alone. For an app maker, this is extremely promising, as other studies have found that millennials use more apps than any other demographic. As a result, app makers have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this trend and create mobile experiences that capture and retain a valuable generation of consumers for the long haul.

But What Do Millennials Really Want From A Mobile App?

That’s the question being asked in boardrooms around the world. From Fortune 500 brands to up-and-coming startups, app teams are itching to understand what goes into making an app that millennials will rave about. We’ve all witnessed the success that brands like Snapchat and Wattpad have had building apps that millennials love. It’s important for anyone in the industry to study the approach of these successful companies before investing time and money into launching a mobile app experience for the millennial audience.

In 2016, the team at MindSea conducted a study to learn more about millennials and their mobile behaviors. The research was intended to help mobile app developers, startups and designers gain insight into what millennials consider important when downloading a mobile app. Ranging from the role of utility to the triggers that entice a millennial to download an app, this research uncovered great information for anyone looking to build and launch a mobile app that targets millennials.

Check out the infographic below to gain a better understanding of what millennials want, and use this information to create an irresistible mobile app that millennials will love for years to come.

How To Market Mobile Apps To Millennials In 2017

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Millennials Mobile Apps Marketing Infographic

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