5 New Technologies To Help During A Zombie Apocalypse [Infographic]

Just when I thought writing about the zombie apocalypse was soooo 2012, everyone’s getting all juiced up for the 4th season of The Walking Dead, which starts next weekend. I’m not a big fan of television, but with shows like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, TV is better now than ever before. Now that we’re about to be back in zombie mode, I thought you might enjoy these new technologies that can help you manage the zombie apocalypse.

Aside from being linked to the impending apocalypse, these new technologies are incredible in their own right. We’ve written about a few of them before, and they are definitely worth checking out. This infographic is called 5 New Technologies To Manage A Zombie Apocalypse, and it’s by Emergency-Management-Degree.org.

The first one, which is the Nursura Simulation Deck centers around the stress and pressure an organization might encounter on social media during an emergency situation. We’ve all read about the bloopers and blunders companies have encountered during emergencies, so this social media simulator could be very helpful. Actually, all of these new technologies could help anyone in an emergency situation. I can think of about ten others that we’ve written about that could be added to this list.

One in particular that comes to mind is the chart which shows how to use your smartphone in an emergency situation. If your battery runs out, and you don’t have a way to recharge it, you can take your smartphone apart and use the pieces inside to survive. You can read about that at Smartphone Tips For Dire Survival Situations.

When you watch the first episode of The Walking Dead next weekend, and you start thinking about what it would be like to get your face chomped on (or off) by a zombie…Just remember, it could end up being new technologies that save us all. Well, that and a really sharp knife.

New Technologies To Help Manage A Zombie Apocalypse

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Header Image Credit: [1037]