Nokia Is Alive & Kickin: Achievements In Mobile Technology

When I read last week that Nokia had settled its lawsuit with Apple, I was shocked at the amount of money Nokia would receive. Depending on the source, the amount is somewhere between $600 and $900 million, and that’s just in the second quarter. Nokia will also receive future royalties. In my mind, Nokia is dying a slow death, and I thought this latest syringe of money would only postpone an inevitable end.

In the words…

The mobile industry is absolutely exploding and companies like Apple and Google are breaking new records daily. RIM, the company that once dominated this space, just released numbers that were not so optimistic, to say the least. There is once more company that is consistently making headlines as well, but not for what they’d probably like. Despite once being a mobile superpower, Nokia, based on the coverage it is getting in tech media, is on its deathbed.

Sometimes; however, it is best not to believe everything you read, and Nokia’s story is far from over. The Finnish company announced its partnership with Microsoft. As of the end of 2011, all high end Nokia smartphones will run Windows Phone 7, the reincarnation of the Windows Mobile operating system. Nokia has gone on record to say that more people around the globe own a Nokia phone than a toothbrush, which is interesting and sad at the same time. The truth is that Nokia, at least on a global scale, is far from dead and the company still sells one million devices each day.

In addition, Nokia is well known for its manufacturing skills and while many people have had complaints about the Symbian operating system, no one denies the solid and impressive build of the average Nokia device. Combine that stellar hardware with the fresh and intuitive Windows Phone 7, then throw in Nokia’s global dominance, and you have yourself a recipe for a successful mobile ecosystem. Of course, some might disagree and many have declared the company dead, but the infographic below, which addresses both Nokia’s achievements in the mobile advertising world as well as its global distribution and overall market share, seems to imply otherwise. Infographic credit: @inneractive

Nokia Achievements In Mobile Technology

Via: [inneractive]