Now There’s One Thing Better Than The Remote…

Are you constantly watching TV when you come home from work? Do you feel it is your calling to catch every single minute of every series broadcast since the day you were born? Then you are probably dead tired of having to switch the channels on your TV. I mean, good thing you have a remote, right? If we go back no too long ago, there were no remotes. You actually had to get on your feet, haul your butt over to that crummy TV set and change the channels yourself, every time!

I know, it sounds like a bad story, but it’s actually true. Well, now you’re probably even feeling too lazy to change the channels using the remote. Therefore, I thought I would help you out a little. How about a little nifty machine that changes the channel for you? Intriguing, right?

It’s so simple really. All you have to do is put that little bundle of joy in front of the TV with the remote correctly positioned into it. Then switch on the TV and VOILA! The machine will change the channel once every minute. There, all your problems are now solved. What? What if you actually want to watch a program that you stumble upon…? Well, that is really not my problem is it? I just brought you the solution, isn’t that enough? Get a life!